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NorthPoint Astrology Journal September 8 to 14, 2014 Pam Younghans

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Posted Sunday, September 7, 2014
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
September 8 to 14, 2014

By Pam Younghans
Photo: Emerald green auroras fill the sky overSalla, Finnish-Lapland on September 6, 2014(credit: B.Art Braafhart, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

THE ALIGNMENT between Monday’s Full Moon and Chiron, who is called the Wounded Healer, provides a profound opportunity for each of us to become aware of deep-level fears that may have inhibited our spiritual expansion. And, in the very same breath, we are also provided the means for healing that core wound, through a new heart opening that accepts the assistance from unseen realms and has no attachment to fear.

As I write that paragraph, it suddenly occurs to me the appropriateness of the photo and the color scheme I chose for today‘s journal. The vibrant emerald green of the auroras in last night’s skies over Finnish-Lapland is the same jewel tone color that we associate with the heart chakra.

And, no coincidence either, that a friend this morning sent me a link to an hour-long chant that is meant to open and clear the heart chakra. (I will post that link on my blog for those who are interested.)

OTHER ASPECTS within the Full Moon chart also support this heart healing. The Moon/Chiron alignment in Pisces forms a Grand Water Trine with Ceres/Vesta/Saturn in Scorpio and Juno in Cancer. This triangular configuration represents a harmonious flow of energy that can be applied effectively to both emotional healing and spiritual enlightenment.

The grouping in Scorpio is especially powerful, given that Saturn the Manifester is involved. Saturn likes to create practical, substantial forms that are reliable and consistent, and always provides stability and substance when working in harmony with other planets. As Saturn joins energies with Ceres and Vesta, we have greater ability to actualize the practical benefits of their influence, if we are willing to apply the discipline and intentionality that Saturn requires.

THE DWARF PLANET CERES represents our capacity for nurturing self and others and for building self-worth. While in Scorpio, Ceres is helping us “transform our own inner negativity and lack of trust through the healing power of love.”

As the symbol of our ability to focus and commit our intentions, the asteroid Vesta assists us in having “tremendous concentration and dedication,” especially when we are working to transform our lives in important ways.

The asteroid Juno, standing alone in Cancer to complete the Grand Water Trine, is perhaps less in our awareness at this time, given the strength of the other two points in the triangle. Nevertheless, we find Juno playing an important role, reminding us of our connections to significant others, and helping us expand our capacity for heart-centered living on the physical plane.

(Quotes about Ceres and Vesta are from the book Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George.)

THERE IS, of course, a need for adjustment on some level as we embrace the potentials of this Full Moon. This adjustment is represented by the quincunx aspect between Uranus and the Sun. A quincunx aspect occurs between planets that are in signs with very different agendas.

Uranus is currently in Aries, providing a strong emphasis on creating something new and exciting in our lives. It’s very important, too that this new manifestation be based on what we truly want, rather than on what we have been told we should want. Uranus doesn’t care if the “something new” is practical or not — it just wants us to try on the new stiletto heels to see if we like them.

Compare that to the Sun in practical, sensible Virgo. If we’re talking shoes, Virgo will choose the ones with strong support and sturdiness, every time.

It’s easy to see the conflict between these two. Neither is wrong or right, they’re just different. The adjustment needed will be to let go of the judgment that limits us to always choosing one type of shoe over another, and letting our inspiration of the moment tell us which pair we want to wear.

MERCURY ASPECTS tell us that we will learn a lot by monitoring our thoughts and words this week. First, we are challenged to look beneath the surface of any misunderstandings to see what underlying motivations are at work (Pluto square Mercury). But, a sense of humor and playfulness can help us rise above any wars of words (Jupiter sextile Mercury), as long as we remain aware of the other person’s trigger points (Mars semisquare Mercury).

On Thursday, we have access to wisdom beyond our usual comprehension, wisdom that can guide us to create new harmony in spite of the differences that have arisen (Pallas Athene conjunct Mercury). It will be important to remember those insights for the remainder of the week, when it will again be easy to speak impulsively (Chiron quincunx Mercury, Uranus opposite Mercury).

THE WEEK’S END brings a shift of energy as Mars leaves behind the deep emotional waters of Scorpio and steps into fiery Sagittarius. Mars will be in Sagittarius until October 26, bringing a boldness into our step and courage to our actions that we may have not felt since last September, the last time Mars was in a fire sign.

Mars moving into Sagittarius will encourage us to make changes, as we will feel more impatient with the status quo. Along those same lines, if we choose, we can use the energy of the Uranus-Mercury opposition next weekend to our benefit. This opposition can help open neural pathways in our brains that will facilitate the expansion of our awareness and help us receive insights from the higher dimensions.


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Highlighted Aspects=”#3300cc”>
MON: Uranus quincunx Sun, Full Moon 6:38pm PDT, Pluto sextile Ceres; TUE: Pluto square Mercury; WED: Neptune opposite Venus, Jupiter sextile Mercury; THU: Saturn sextile Sun, Mercury conjunct Pallas Athene, Mars semisquare Mercury; FRI: Chiron quincunx Mercury; SAT: Uranus opposite Mercury, Saturn conjunct Vesta, Mars enters Sagittarius, Jupiter square Ceres; SUN:Uranus sesquisquare Mars, Pluto trine Venus
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One thought on “NorthPoint Astrology Journal September 8 to 14, 2014 Pam Younghans

  1. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    I like Pam Younghans way of seeing the silver-lining of perspectives and possibilities surrounding the astrological influences around today’s Full Super Moon in Pisces. While there are a lot of heavy-hitting energies, they are there to assist in your expanding spiritual evolution.

    Many of you may be feeling heightened emotional sensitivity, intensification around everything, a high level of woundedness with old and deep subconscious things coming up, a build-up of energy, deepened frustration, anger, resistance, disappointment, self-sabotage, and the desire to quit or even explode from all that is erupting from within and triggering you from without in reflection to that.

    This all may be leaving you feeling trapped and stuck in a downward spiral, unless you step over to the other side of the fence where the magick awaits. The key to realize however, although Pisces is magick and heart, we do also need the wise discernment and Earthy, grounding practicality of Virgo to assist the creating and manifesting of that magick. Magick happens by taking action – doing. Walk the walk, as they say.

    Your pain holds great value in cultivating compassion and teaching you tools to take you to new heights of self-mastery.

    But, you must be willing to face, embrace, and lovingly work with the shadows of that pain in order to receive its gifts.

    This Pisces Moon is also coupled with Chiron, which is retrograding through Pisces until November 24th, and this can empower deep healing to the wounded healer. But it may at first feel like rewounding your oldest and greatest scars and throwing vinegar on them. However, Chiron can help guide you on an awakening path to assist you to reflect, review, re-integrate, and renew. This is a potential portal to wholeness that can bring you in touch with a new level of emotions while facing and having direct ability to help dissolve the illusions and self-sabotaging escapism and delusions.

    As Pam shares, “…we are also provided the means for healing that core wound, through a new heart opening that accepts the assistance from unseen realms and has no attachment to fear.”

    This is a Full Moon of illuminating everything you haven’t wanted to look at and that is stuffed away deep within. It is also a Full Moon with the potential for expansion, creative expression, new intuitive perceptions, and liberating emotional and spiritual healing from the truth of your heart.

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