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Truthout Daily Digest Friday, 12 September 2014

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Reconceiving Change in the Age of Parasitic Capitalism

C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout: Massive economic damage and human suffering resulting from the 2008 financial crisis continue unabated, while the implications of this crisis continue to elude us, as many people remain in the grip of neoliberal orthodoxy and refuse to acknowledge the need for large scale economic, social and political change.

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“Workers Are Constantly on the Edge of the Knife”

Amy B. Dean, Truthout: Rep. George Miller talks about the inequities associated with just-in-time scheduling, especially problematic for the 7.5 million part-time workers who say they wish to have full-time positions, and the attempt to right them with the Schedules That Work Act.

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A Moment of Restorative Justice

Jean Trounstine, The Rag Blog: While the US criminal justice system offers revenge as its principal method of restitution, families may find better solutions for achieving remorse and true rehabilitation. The formal practice of restorative justice “emphasizes repairing the harm caused by crime,” and teaches how to do that.

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James O’Keefe Cronies Unveiled in Attempted Sting on CMD

Jonas Persson, PR Watch: O’Keefe’s long-time ally Ryan Sorba turned up at a Netroots Nation conference for progressives this summer, asking the Center for Media and Democracy’s executive director Lisa Graves for political advice in an effort to get Graves to discuss electoral strategy on tape.

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The Gentrification of Birmingham, Alabama

William C. Anderson, Truthout: Birmingham’s “50 Years Forward” campaign – and the way in which the city capitalizes on its civil rights history – gloss over the gentrification, structural racism and economic injustice that continue to plague the city.

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Local and State Police Involved in Sensitive Hemisphere Program

Dustin Slaughter, The Declaration: Federal, state and local police, with the assistance of phone company employees embedded within DEA narcotics intelligence units, are utilizing an unclassified but “law enforcement sensitive” program, known as Hemisphere, which provides nearly unfettered access to an enormous database of call records.

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US Intelligence Official: No Evidence ISIL Is Planning Imminent Attack on the US

Jessica Desvarieux, The Real News Network: Obama’s plan to support the Shiites and Kurds in Iraq could worsen sectarian fighting, and a new report says arms sent to moderate Syrian rebels have ended up in ISIS’s hands.

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New Study: Proposition 47 Would Help California Address Overcrowded Prisons

Ngoc Nguyen and Nicole Hudley, New America Media: A measure on the November ballot would reclassify six nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors, a move that observers say could help California finally comply with a federal mandate to reduce its overcrowded prison system.

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Migrant Farmworkers Find Paths Out of Poverty Through Incubator Farms

Lisa Gale Garrigues, YES! Magazine: The Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association in Salinas, California, is one of a growing number of “incubator farms” across the United States dedicated to training the next generation of farmers. The farms help seasonal workers start their own businesses, where they get better pay and the support of a community.

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Investors Haul in Nearly Half the Tobacco Settlement Cash

Cezary Podkul and Claire Kelloway, ProPublica: An updated tally shows that tobacco bondholders are due $2.6 billion of the $6 billion in this year’s payouts to state and local governments from Big Tobacco.

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Bombing at a Press Conference Beats Mindlessly Flexing Military Might

Emily Schwartz Greco and William A. Collins, OtherWords: The latest conservative fad is beating up President Barack Obama for being too squeamish about exerting military force. The Republicans he defeated in 2008 and 2012 are prime examples.

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Reported Palin Family Drunken Brawl Represents Travesty of Politics as Entertainment

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: When one cannot tell the difference between elected officials and the comedians who impersonate them on Saturday Night Live, it is a red alert for the future of an informed democracy.

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Apparently, “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” Has Expired. So Much for “Breathing Free”

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Republicans Filibuster Constitutional Fix to Overturn Citizens United

Read the Article at Talking Points Memo

How to Combat ISIS Without War

Read the Article at The Progressive

Koch Foundation to College: We’ll Give You Millions – If You Teach Our Libertarian Claptrap

Read the Article at The Daily Beast

Claims of Saudi Hand in September 11 Attacks Hang Over Obama’s Speech

Read the Article at The Sidney Morning Herald

“There Is No Alternative”: Fossil Fuel Deposits Must Stay in the Ground

Read the Article at Common Dreams

Sen. Sherrod Brown Accuses Republicans of Voter Suppression

Read the Article at The Cleveland Plain Dealer

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