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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 14 September 2014

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Time Is Running Out for Activists to Halt Fracked Gas Pipeline Into New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Ellen Cantarow, Truthout: Unless an extension is granted, concerned citizens have until September 29 only to comment to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission about the Algonquin Pipeline Extension pushing fracked gas through sensitive regions in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island – creating environmental and nuclear hazards.

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How the West Created the Islamic State

Nafeez Ahmed, Medium: Since 2003, Anglo-American power has coordinated direct and indirect support for Islamist terrorist groups linked to al Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa. This ill-conceived strategy is motivated by ambitions to dominate regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel and re-draw the map of the Middle East.

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At Least Some Unions Step Up for Big Climate March!

Abby Scher, Truthout: New York City and key national unions like the Service Employees International Union and Communication Workers of America are stepping up in a broad coalition to support the People’s Climate March in NYC September 21. But some from labor groups say unions need to create their own climate protection strategy that democratizes the energy sector.

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A Campaign Primer: Native American Voters Count

Dennis Worden, Truthout: Political influence for Native Americans and Indian tribes has grown in federal elections in recent years. Native voters often make the difference in certain races. What are the implications for Congress and who is paying attention?

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Four Ways Industrial Ag Is Destroying the Soil – and Your Health

Hannah Bewsey and Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association: If the numbers are any indicator, there’s a crisis in worldwide soil health that is rapidly becoming a crisis in human health. Converting from factory farms and conventional crops to pasture-grazing livestock and organic farming are the solutions.

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On Patriotism and Constitutional Amendment: An Interview With Film Director Miyazaki Hayao

Asato Ikeda, The Asia-Pacific Journal: This interview with famed animated film director Miyazaki Hayao covers a wide range of topics. Throughout, Hayao presents a strong criticism of Japan’s current Abe government, especially its proposal of a constitutional amendment.

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Paul Krugman | “You Call Yourself an Economist?”

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Some believe that “real economics” is about singing the praises of the free market. It’s inconceivable to them that you could have a more nuanced view without being a Marxist.

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World’s Last Remaining Forest Wilderness at Risk

Stephen Leahy, Inter Press Service: The world’s last remaining forest wilderness is rapidly being lost – and much of this is taking place in Canada, not in Brazil or Indonesia, where deforestation has so far made the headlines. More than 104 million hectares of forests have been destroyed or degraded.

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Scott Walker’s Snow Job

Mary Bottari, PR Watch: The governor’s race in Wisconsin between the Republican incumbent, Scott Walker, and his Democratic challenger, Mary Burke, is coming down to one issue: jobs, jobs, jobs.

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Why I’m Marching for Climate Action

Michael Brune, OtherWords: It’s so important that, as a society, we increase the pressure on our leaders to take action right now to advance clean energy solutions and resist the temptation to drill, mine and frack as if there were no consequences and no tomorrow.

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A Wild That Leaves Us Speechless

Brooke Williams, Earth Island Journal: As the Wilderness Act turns 50, those of us continuing to advocate for more designations find ourselves in a tough spot. Our new opponents argue that if we love wilderness in these times of global warming, we need to intervene in it to protect it.

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This week in Speakout:

Leslie Thatcher interviews Undocumented in a Pirate Sea author Jeffrey R. McCord about his book; Emily Cleath points out the fallacy in the “official” US poverty rate; Dan Falconeinterviews Professor Lawrence Davidson about media misinformation concerning the Islamic State; Reprieve reports arms industry firms bought access to a recent NATO summit; Pam McAllister recounts the history of the term “tree hugger” as the People’s Climate March approaches; Dean Baker critiques The New York Times for failures in its reporting on Rhode Island’s management of pensions; Terri Shofner and Erin Niemelademand school children receive solid science and math education instead of exposure to violence; and more.

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The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Video Purports to Show Islamic State Beheading of British Aid Worker

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“Treasure Map”: The NSA’s Plan to Map the Entire Internet

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Contractors Ready to Cash in on ISIS War

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Despite Multiple Malpractice Payouts, Doctors Often Keep Practicing

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US Government Threatened Families of Beheaded Reporters With Prosecution if They Raised Ransoms

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Study: High Cost of Housing Forcing Elderly Americans to Cut Back on Food and Health Care

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Django UnchainedActress Accosted by LAPD After Kissing White Husband

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