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Truthout Daily Digest Wednesday, 17 September 2014

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Mexico: Researcher Raises Alert About Environmental Dangers of Wind Farms

Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F., Truthout: Southern Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec is the site of the largest concentration of wind farm projects in Latin America. In a detailed interview, biologist Patricia Mora explains what the environmental impact studies leave out: the real impacts on flora and fauna in the Isthmus region, and how those negative effects extend beyond Mexico to ecosystems in Central America.

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How Residents of a Rural New Mexico County Fought the Fracking Barons and Won – for Now

Nina Bunker Ruiz, YES! Magazine: Energy companies are seeking permits to explore natural gas extraction through fracking in New Mexico’s Mora County. But the area’s traditional livelihoods, farming and ranching, rely on clean, healthy rivers and streams.

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Of Jenga Towers and Environmental Offsets

Vijay Kolinjivadi, Truthout: The fundamental supporting nutrients and climate regulation cycles of the planet are not resources that can be possessed and substituted. Environmental offsets suggest that which is irreplaceable is not and support the capitalist system of environmental Jenga.

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Ur-ganic: An Alpine Township Considers Banning Pesticides

Philip Ackerman-Leist, Truthout: The 5,088 residents of the township of Mals in the Italian Tirol voted overwhelmingly on September 5 to ban agricultural pesticides to protect the health of the residents, the surrounding ecosystem and the integrity of the township’s historical agricultural practices.

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A Public Bank Option for Scotland

Ellen Brown, The Web of Debt Blog: With the Scottish vote for independence from the United Kingdom on the horizon, the option of a publicly owned bank with a mandate to serve the interests of the Scottish people could help give the newly independent country true economic sovereignty.

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The Real Carbon “Monster” Revealed

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: The idea that climate scientists and climate activists are actually evil, that they’re part of a big virus or “monster” that’s sucking up money and resources all in the name of saving the planet, is one of the biggest lies propagated by the fossil fuel industry.

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Where Are the White Feminists? MIA on Racist Misogynist Police Violence

Sikivu Hutchinson, The Feminist Wire: Because white women of all classes enjoy the privilege of protection from criminalization and systemic brutality by law enforcement, state-sanctioned violence doesn’t register as a “feminist” priority.

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A Capitalist in North Korea

John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus: Felix Abt, a Swiss businessman who, after living for seven years in North Korea, has written a candid account of his time there, gives us a story that is as extraordinary as it is improbable.

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Africa’s Dividing Farmlands a Threat to Food Security

Miriam Gathigah, Inter Press Service: Investors are gobbling up land in southern and East Africa with large-scale acquisitions reducing available land for locals. But what is available still has to be subdivided due to land inheritance, leaving farmers with dwindling acreage.

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New Sparks Fly Between CIA, Senate Intelligence Committee

Ali Watkins, McClatchy DC: Tensions between the CIA and its Congressional overseers erupted anew this week when CIA Director John Brennan refused to say who authorized intrusions into computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee to compile a report on the spy agency’s interrogation program.

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Kingdom of Slaves

Sam Badger and Giorgio Cafiero, Foreign Policy in Focus: Since FIFA picked Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, Qatar’s 1.8 million foreign workers are frequently deprived of wages, trapped into permanent debt, exposed to hazardous working conditions and denied the right to unionize.

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Fifth Graders Teach Oakland School District to Buy Local Food

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: When a major school district starts to go locavore, the students, parents, community, sustainable local growers and the environment all benefit.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

FBI Rolls Out Biometric Database on Schedule, Accompanying Privacy Impact Assessment Still Nowhere to Be Found

Read the Article at Techdirt

Natural Disasters Displaced 22 Million People in 2013 – Three Times More Than Wars

Read the Article at RT News

Los Angeles Law Enforcement Officers Kill About One Person a Week

Read the Article at The Huffington Post

Chris Hayes: New Questions in Darrien Hunt Shooting Case

Watch the Video at MSNBC

Chelsea Manning | How to Make ISIS Fall on Its Own Sword

Read the Article at The Guardian

Occupy Abolishes $4 Million in Other People’s Student Loan Debt

Read the Article at CNNMoney

Jim Hightower | US Populist Movement Is on the Rise

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

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