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The Oracle Report | Friday, September 19, 2014

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: dream

Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (Goddess of Beauty) and Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: release what has not worked

Negative Imprint: dominating others thoughts, indecision based on multiple options, need for absolute truth or proof, imbalance, jealousy, pushiness, avoiding personal responsibility

Positive Imprint: equilibrium, fertility, lofty heights of creativity, fulfillment, grounded power, force of pure intent, assistance from spiritual sources, curiosity, beauty

Balsamic Moon phase is the time when we not only weed our “mental garden,” the landscape of our minds, but also envision several options of what we might want the new garden to look like.

To facilitate this, lofty heights of creativity are reached under today’s energy. This means we have abundant power to weed out and release whatever no longer contributes to the vibrant life of our mental garden and its parallel expression in the outer world.

The feelings, thoughts, beliefs, outcomes, circumstances, and consequences that have developed in your life since the New Moon in Aries (the astrological new year which began on March 30, 2014) can be removed. They can be pulled out – weeded out – under today’s energetics.

Any type of meditation, visualization, or therapeutic modality where the focus is on removal of what is no longer in line with us is potent magic. There are all kinds of ways to envision and work with this: picture effervescent dust evaporating it; imagine winding a rope around it and pulling it out; etherically pull it out with your bare hands; mentally wield a knife and cut it out with surgical precision; conjure a bonfire and throw it in to be forged anew from the flame

The point is to take control of your vision.

Today’s energy brings us in whispering distance of inner wisdom and otherworldly guidance. This is a time when two-way communication is more viable energetically. We are inclined toward wanting answers, but we should also offer preferences. What do you want for your own future and the future of the world? State this aloud. The Universe is listening and wants to hear. Inject your voice into the dream. This is very, very important today. The wishes of the contingent of humanity who understand that this is a time to voice our wishes ripple throughout the galaxy.

Today, release what has not worked out the way you wanted it to. We are approaching the midpoint of the astrological and natural year – the time of the inner light of a Full Moon. In order to light up as best we can then, we need to take out whatever is dimming now.

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