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Truthout Daily Digest Tuesday, 23 September 2014

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I apologize for the big red donate button in today’s Truthout Daily Digest. I don’t always copy donate buttons or calls because a constant drone of it is certainly aggravating and distracting while trying to read. But growing corporate consolidation of media and the multiple threats to our privacy, safety, financial security and general survival are strongly in need of the balancing effect of investigative and unbiased journalism as outlets such as Truthout and Common Dreams provide.
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The Paths We Refuse

Anne Elizabeth Moore, Truthout: New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and his investment-banker wife Sheryl WuDunn, the Pulitzer Prize-winning team that brought youHalf the Sky, return with a new book. A Path Appears brings their fight to end oppression and advocate for humanitarian causes stateside, but who benefits?

Read the Review

Call to Close “Deplorable” Private Detention Center for Immigrants Made, as Expansion Planned

Candice Bernd, Truthout: As President Obama announced he will delay taking executive action on immigration reform, immigrant-justice groups are raising alarms about conditions in existing and planned privatized detention centers holding children and families in Texas.

Read the Article

Iraq War Veteran Warns Ferguson Is Our Future – and Our Past

Nafeez Ahmed, Truthout: Leading national security expert Terron Sims says of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, “This is America today, and if we don’t deal with the root cause in terms of widespread racial discrimination against black people, this will be our tomorrow.”

Read the Article

John Pilger | War, Circus and Injustice Down Under

John Pilger, Truthout: While conditions for the indigenous worsen, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott continues to cut back on funding for their health care and ignore the need for a treaty guaranteeing rights and services most citizens take for granted.

Read the Article

Airstrikes Begin in Syria: A Decisive Blow or an Ominous Precedent?

Musa al-Gharbi, The Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts: The Obama administration has just announced that they and their coalition allies have begun a fierce campaign in Syria, bombing primarily “hard-targets” in the IS stronghold of Raqqa. Here’s what is known – and perhaps more importantly – what is not known so far.

Read the Article

Climate Action “Floods” Wall Street

Palina Prasasouk, Truthout: Climate change activists flooded Wall Street on Monday, with thousands participating in a massive sit-in, and approximately 100 people arrested.

View the Photo Essay and Watch the Videos

Time for the US to Dump the Word “Homeland”

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: In 1934, at the Nazi party’s big coming-out event, the famous Nuremberg rally, Nazis introduced the term “homeland.” Prior to that, they’d always referred to Germany as “the Fatherland,” “the Motherland” or “our nation.” It’s time to retire this artifact of the Nazi era.

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No Separate Justice Campaign Denounces Post-9/11 Abuses

Victoria Law, Waging Nonviolence: Ten days before the anniversary of 9/11, family members, activists and formerly incarcerated people gathered only blocks from the World Trade Center site to bear witness to the systemic abuses committed in the name of the war on terror under the banner “No Separate Justice.”

Read the Article

Expanding US Strikes to ISIS in Syria, Has Obama Opened New Phase of “Perpetual War”?

Amy Goodman and Aaron Maté, Democracy Now!: Vijay Prashad, professor of international studies at Trinity College, and Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the peace group CODEPINK, discuss recent US airstrikes in Syria targeting the Islamic State, as well as members of a separate militant organization known as the Khorasan group.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

On the News With Thom Hartmann: World’s Largest Climate March Takes Over NYC, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: The world’s largest climate march takes over New York City; the anti-science crowd wants to take well-documented climate information out of kids’ textbooks; Burlington, Vermont, has gone renewable; and more.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Are Head Injuries the Bridge Between the NFL Playing Field and Domestic Violence?

Dave Zirin, The Nation: There is an unspoken question lurking behind the NFL domestic violence cover-up saga that has emerged over the last month. It is whether the brutality of the game, particularly head injuries, plays a role in the prevalence of players committing acts of violence against women.

Read the Article

The Joys of Abolishing Debt

Astra Taylor, Moyers & Company: “For the last two years I have worked as a volunteer debt abolisher for Rolling Jubilee, which just announced the the abolition of nearly $4 million of student debt. It’s a nice addition to the nearly $15 million of medical debt we have erased.”

Read the Article


In 2013, Children in Poverty Grew in 35 of the Biggest US Cities While the Wealthy Gorged

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Poverty can’t be ended until the oligarchy is dismantled and new economic structures are put in place that focus on achieving the best for the common good, not for the greediest among us.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

Huge, Gorgeous Global March Shows How to Win the Climate Fight: at the Grassroots

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

In Iraq, Airstrikes Fail to Dislodge ISIS

Read the Article at The New York Times

Obama: The “Yes We Can” President With the “At Least I Tried” Legacy

Read the Article at The Guardian

Meet Dr. Willie Parker, Perhaps the Bravest Christian Abortion Provider in the US

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Charles P. Pierce | Media Coverage of Major Protests Is the Face of Disgrace

Read the Article at Esquire

WHO: 21,000 Ebola Cases by November if No Changes

Read the Article at the Associated Press

Nomi Prins | Gateway Policies: ISIS, Obama and US Financial Boots-on-the-Ground

Read the Article at NomiPrins.com

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