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The Oracle Report | Saturday, September 27 – Sunday, September 28, 2014

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NEW AUDIO: September 22, 2014

Libra 2014 Cycle: “Time to Respond”

Libra 2014 Cycle – Time to Respond


Saturday, September 27 – Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday: New Moon Phase: initiate

Moon in Scorpio

Skill: maintain the stance of the wise owl in the tree observing

Negative Imprint: forceful ill will, feeling alienated and isolated, neglect of self and others, pushing forward too hard, propaganda, chasing, stuck in fear or impulsively driven by fear

Positive Imprint: warmth, renewal, stories, golden opportunities, clearing, uplifted, clarity, insight, shapes, eagerness, grounding visions, inspiration

Saturday’s energy varies greatly with Sunday’s energy, so the reports are split in two this weekend.

Saturday’s energy engages us in this month’s unfolding mystery. The power of visualization is exceptionally high, as is creativity. We want to maximize this opportunity and reinforce our visions and dreams for our lives and our world. It’s a day to visually project all of our ideas (project our projects). It is very important that we stick to what we know to be true, and even more important that we “ground” that notion into the field of consciousness. Picture it.

If an opportunity comes along that seems too good to be true, this is a day to take a leap of faith. Mars is located at the degree of a “a theatrical representation of a golden haired goddess of opportunity.” This energy always brings openings and good fortune. Drama is usually part of it, too, but we want to direct that energy toward empowering our imagination with our visualizations. Take a chance.

A massive influx of information, insight, and clarity continues as we continue through the lunar cycle that is like a month-long Full Moon. We want to maintain the stance of the wise owl in the tree, peering out and observing. Observance is key Saturday. Keep watch. Wisdom is being revealed to us through what we see, so stay in the mindset of following the mystery and the clues that are being shown to you.

If what you see or what you feel is upsetting, jump above the situation to a “higher branch,” if you will. Your inner guidance will lead you to expand and uplift your perspective and will lead into Sunday’s energy for resolution. The way to handle any stress or distress today is to go above it. We take the high road.

The Sacred Masculine, which has been rising and returning since November 2013, is called forth today. This happens as Venus comes to the degree of the last coronal mass ejection: “a bald-headed man who has seized power.” The Sacred Masculine will ground its intentions in the field of consciousness today. If something within you calls, answer it. It may show up as needing to defend or assist someone (or yourself) today. Heed the call of your inner warrior. Make your mark.

Speaking of making marks, the Mahavidya Shodashi, Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest Desires, joins us Saturday. She will be assisting as the day’s mystery unfolds.

Sunday: Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Skill: find answers in the patterns

Negative Imprint: obsession with “the ideal,” general dissatisfaction, tantrums, losing common sense, failing to acknowledge, trapped, outbursts, confusion, helplessness

Positive Imprint: crystallization of answers and ideas, solutions, illumination, hope, objectivity, simple answers, impetus to change or shift, wisdom, patience, steady progress

Sunday’s energy is all about solutions. Consternation and frustration give way to answers and insight. The energy is vivid and can bring stark confrontations with truth. All this month, how we respond to what develops in our lives and in our world at large vastly influence the future. Wise owls face truth with courage, knowing we are not alone, but linked together in spiritual mission.

Emotions, thoughts, and feelings tend to break loose or spill out with Sunday’s energetic signatures. Things that have built up or have been concentrated tend to burst out. Be careful with what you say and do. Be respectful. Come from a place of love. Recognize that sometimes things have to break loose in order to be released, revealed, or freed.

The Mahavidya Chinnamasta assists with these things today.

When looking for solutions Sunday, look to the ancient ways, the ancient sources. Wisdom is found in the old mysteries, not new ones today. If you find yourself confused or at an emotional loss, something will speak to you to pursue. It may be an old book that has always given you what you need or a new book that speaks of the ancient wisdom. In this way, the universe responds to us.

As we are finding answers, we want to make sure we are not focusing too heavily on one side of anything. This energy is holistic in that it wants to integrate all parts into a whole. So overemphasizing one element of anything is not a good idea. It could box us in or trap us. Maintain balance and common sense.

We want to take special care to attend to our physical bodies this weekend. The intensity of the cycle has become apparent since the New Moon, and our physical bodies bear the brunt of it. Reconnect mind, body, and spirit, and tend to your temple if you’ve neglected it lately.

As I discussed in the latest audio recording, books and stories are highlighted this month. You are the main character in your own story, which is part of a much grander story. This weekend, we follow along the illumined path, observant and vigilant. And remember, the natural world always reveals to us what we need to know. Look for it and find beauty.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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