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Someone YOU Should Know: Meet 11-Year-Old Marquis Govan. The Voice Of Reason In Ferguson, Missouri.

This is exactly the sort of news story we need to see more of. There are good-even extraordinary, amazing children in every community, of every ethnicity. Why don’t the papers and other media run regular features on these kids instead of persistent arguing between adults who should know better?
We have the power right now to reshape and redirect our communities: to create the America we’ve always dreamed of but never-*yet*- lived in.

It’s not the government, the corporations, churches or other big structures that will solve our ever growing problems.
It’s the people. Children like this young man, grandmothers, teenagers, young parents, middle aged people working at Walmart and McDonalds.

It just takes listening to one another and working together.

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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 5 October 2014


Housing Rights Group Says HUD Program Helps Wall Street, Hurts Homeowners

Rebecca Burns, Truthout: Housing rights organizations say a new federal housing program has deepened the pain of homeowners and tenants by handing their fates over to hedge funds and investment groups that have no interest in keeping residents in their homes.

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Noam Chomsky: Resisting Empire for More Than Four Decades

Marcus Raskin, Haymarket Books: For the casual observer, Chomsky seems to hold that on the one hand, there is science and analysis, and on the other hand, there are those desired values that we hold dear and preach about through different social means, writes Marcus Raskin in the forward to Chomsky’s book, Masters of Mankind.

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Since Hiroshima: Australia’s Active Involvement in the Use and Abuse of Nuclear Energy

Lindsay Fitzclarence, Truthout: Australia has been involved in nuclear power politics since the 1940s as both a weapons test site and a source of base fuel uranium.

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Feeling the Touch of the Goad: A Sense of Urgency as a Spur to Climate Action

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Truthout: The texts of early Buddhism provide us with a psychological model of how the sense of urgency arises and how it can be channeled into effective action. This sense is necessary to confront climate change.

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Monsanto Announces “Global Center” for Developing GMO Corn

Anastasia Pantsios, EcoWatch: Monsanto announced this week that it is opening a new facility in Mexico to research and develop new hybrid types of corn resistant to disease and climate conditions – but the reception hasn’t been particularly warm.

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Truthout Interviews Featuring James Kilgore on Reversing Mass Incarceration in the US

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Ted Asregadoo talks to author and research scholar at the University of Illinois’ Center for African Studies James Kilgore about what the movement against mass incarceration can learn from those combatting climate change.

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Military Firms Likely to Benefit From Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times: With US and allied aircraft now bombing Islamic State and Al Qaeda positions in Iraq and Syria, many analysts foresee a boost to bottom lines for munitions manufacturers, weapons producers and other military contractors.

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Student Protests Are a Bigger Deal Than You Think

Jeff Bryant, Campaign For America’s Future: Students who are alarmed to know they’re not allowed to learn about civil dissent and protest have quite rationally chosen to protest.

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Ellsberg Sees Vietnam-Like Risks in ISIS War

Barbara Koeppel, Consortium News: Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department official who leaked the Pentagon Papers exposing the Vietnam War lies, is alarmed at the many parallels between Vietnam and President Obama’s new military campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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The Scourge of Siphon-Up Economics

Marjorie E. Wood, OtherWords: Addressing inequality head-on will put our nation’s wealth back where it belongs – with all of us.

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This week in SpeakOut:

Paul Thomas deconstructs the cruel practices of Southern Christianity; Kayly Oberquestions the absence of risk analysis from government response to climate change;Michaela Wade discusses the growing and extreme divide between rich and poor in San Francisco and simultaneous loss of the city’s famous whimsical character and charm;Reprieve calls for transparency in the Guantanamo force feeding trial; Nozomi Hayasereviews Julian Assange’s new book, When Google Met WikiLeaks; Melissa Fisher and John Lawrence report on potential for worker co-ops in New York City; Darius Shatahmasebianalyzes New Zealand’s National Party’s record in light of its recent electoral victory; Les Kishler discusses the art and science of deep gardening; Dr. Marc Gopin argues professionals should return some of the benefits of their professions to society; Erin Niemela criticizes the use of polls as a “rally around the flag” tactic during wartime; Edward Tick talks about mentally-ill veteran Omar Gonzales, who scaled the White House walls, and how we need a new paradigm in treatment of US veterans; Public Citizen releases a new report excoriating extra-judicial trade tribunals; Acronym TV confronts white privilege in the climate justice movement; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

The Most Ambitious Environmental Lawsuit Ever

Read the Article at The New York Times

Pacific Northwest Tribes Fight to Save Threatened Salmon

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America

Mass Graves With Charred Victims Found in Southern Mexico

Read the Article at Reuters

As Supreme Court Term Begins, Prospect of a Gay-Marriage Ruling Looms Large

Read the Article at the Washington Post

Open Pits Offer Cheap Disposal for Fracking Sludge, but Health Worries Mount

Read the Article at Inside Climate News

Los Angeles County Supervisors to Weigh County Jails’ Collaboration With ICE Agents

Read the Article at the Los Angeles Times

Doctors With Borders

Read the Article at Texas Observer

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Everything You Need To Know To Keep You From Being Justifiably Shot By The Police.

In part this is satire, but it is also in a sense quite realistic. I was taught how to behave to avoid problems with police and other authorities as a child. My Mom grew up in the South in the era of Jim Crow with ‘might pass for white, or not’ skin so she was well aware of how things DO work whether they are fair, right or we like them.

My skin is light and I am physically quite small and fragile looking so combined with what I was taught I have rarely had problems with police violence-with one notable and deeply horrifying exception where my brother and I were almost killed in front of my Mom.

That very personal example of how some police officers over-react virulently to a young, healthy, muscular man with dark skin impressed me deeply with the reality of the danger.

Despite the permanent injury and scars I don’t regret at all violating the rules I was taught in order to get in the way of an incompetent officer who was trying to shoot my brother.

I’m just so grateful every time I feel the pain, or notice the scar that my brother is very alive and well.

Significantly to me at least-both officers involved in that nightmare were subsequently fired for totally unrelated issues of general incompetence.

It is my belief that structural racism is enforced and encouraged by the system of “good ole boy” corruption and”white privilege” allowing incompetent jerks to rise to positions of power.

I feel that it will change very quickly when that system of “assholes in charge” is dismantled.

Sure there are crappy cops who use their position to abuse people but I strongly believe that MOST people who choose law enforcement as a career do so primarily from good, higher motives.

They genuinely want to help others, improve the world and stop the bad guys. It doesn’t really help us to perceive or depict all police officers as evil, racist or fascist.

The majority are people just like you and I who simply have to work to survive. Most likely chose their profession because it was available to them with the background, education and skills they had.

Unfortunately for the process of change, police departments are like military groups in that solidarity and support of their fellows is necessary to do their job-even when some of their fellows are execrable scum.

So, take the ironic humour of this piece for a chuckle but note the real warning as well and make sure to impress these concepts on all the children in your life.

I was the typical rebellious, politically activist, crazy colored hair “punk rock” teenager skateboarding and cussing like a sailor-except when dealing with police officers.

Then I was polite, quiet and completely respectful and compliant. I might not have been “cool” for that, but it is better to be alive and a dork than a cool corpse.

I pray for all the children to recognize that manners might save their lives-whether that is right or fair, I just hope they know.

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Daily Kos


Everything You Need To Know To Keep You From Being Justifiably Shot By The Police.
Oct 04, 2014 5:20pm PDT by bluntbit

The reality that African-American and other minorities must realize is that depending on the time of day, or the mood of the officer you encounter, you could end up justifiably shot by the police. If not shot, then you might get roughed up a little bit and sent on your way. If that happens consider yourself lucky because it could have been much worse. With the worldwide attention being paid to the recent events in Ferguson and little to none being paid to the other instances that have happened before and after it, it’s time to give a guideline, or lifeline if you will to the people who need it the most.

How this will work is, I will give you a rule and then apply that rule so that you understand exactly when and how it should be applied so that there is no confusion. We don’t need you out there hesitating on the next traffic stop or stop and frisk because the results, well, you know what they could be. Before we get started we need to clear up a few misconceptions about how to avoid becoming a target. If you believe that doing nothing wrong can save you from being targeted then you need to stop believing that. Stop thinking in terms of right and wrong, instead, factor in if you look like you’re doing or have done something wrong. That look is a judgment call and we know the track record of those judges of character. That look as Charles Belk found out has little to do with how you’re dressed. One might argue that if you’re dressed too nice, in too nice of a neighborhood, that might cause problems too.

The next thing you have to realize going forward is that it doesn’t matter what school you went to. It doesn’t matter how many culturally diverse friends you have. It does matter what kind of car you drive but it doesn’t matter what you do for a living. Unless you plan to carry around a framed diploma of your highest completed level of education, a pay stub, a passport, 2 bills with proof of address on it and a notary public in the backseat to sign the statement you’ve just made to the police about everything you just presented, what you’ve accomplished doesn’t mean a thing. The only thing that matters is the now. So throw all of the “This can’t be about me because I..” talk out of the window. This is information you need too.

1. Do exactly what the police tell you to do but don’t do it too fast or too slow.

This one requires some practice and you might need a partner to do it right. When you are stopped in any fashion be it on the street, or in a car the police will give you clear commands. Get over the fact that you may or may not have been doing anything to get their attention, that’s irrelevant, you have it now. You need to focus on doing what they tell you in a synchronized manner so that they won’t perceive your actions as threatening. To practice this, you will need a stop watch and someone giving you the most likely commands that you will receive. For starters, have your partners ask you for your license, registration and proof of insurance and then start the stop watch. The correct response time to this command is the amount of time it takes the reporter in the field to answer the question asked by the news anchors in the studio. After your partner gives the command, put your hand up to an imaginary ear piece (only do this in practice, do not do this in real life situations, this is just to get you familiar with the speed you need to respond) count 1 don’t shoot me, 2 don’t shoot me, 3 don’t shoot me and then proceed to comply with the orders. You should practice this twice before leaving the house just to be crisp and ready. If you move too quickly you might startle the officer and they’ll have no choice but to rely on training and use an escalation of force because of imminent danger. If you move too slow then that could be interpreted as disobeying an order and again relying on training must mean you have something to hide or you’re a trouble maker and they know what to do with trouble makers.

2. Whatever you’re carrying is a weapon.

This is just a fact of life when dealing with the police. If you are eating a sandwich drop it immediately. If you have a soda can or bottle then you better slowly discard it before guns are drawn and you’re in a standoff, too late to do anything. Cell phones, wallets, gameboys, laptops, fanny packs and cigarettes can all be considered weapons that could easily be mistaken for a gun or knife and thus making the force used justifiable by the police. Assume that you are James Bond and MacGyver able to make that peppermint you have in your hand into a nuclear weapon because that is what they see when you hold it.

3. If you do not have anything in your hand then you must also realize that your hand is also a lethal weapon.

Every single minority in this country has their hands registered as lethal weapons. I know that you did not know this but judging how the police respond to unarmed black men it must be true. So when you have your hands up and open in the air, to the police you’re getting ready to attack. If you have your hands to your side then you are getting ready to execute a death grip and must be met with a proper deterrent. Understand that even if you are simply walking past and get confronted by someone else and forced to defend yourself, the perceived threat will more than likely be you.

4. If you are asked to get out of the car, automatically put your hands behind your head.

This is in case your license, proof of insurance and the notary public was not good enough. If you are asked to get out of the car by the police this is exactly how it should be done. The first thing you need to realize is that they are not asking you to get out so they can get to know you better. They are not asking you to get out of the car so that they can shake your hand and commend you on doing so well in life. They are more than likely going to handcuff you while they do whatever it is they’re going to do. Cut the middle man out of the situation. Get out of the car slowly. Move at the exact speed that a cartoon character would tip toe in any given situation. Skip the formality of being asked to put your hands behind your back and in one slow steady motion turn around facing the car and put your hands behind your back. If you’re unlucky and get a cop already on edge who loves giving commands this might backfire but research shows most will be pleasantly surprised as if you were reading their mind. Speed is also crucial here. Don’t move fast, it might look like you’re about to run from them and you know what happens next. If you do it too slow, then they will wait and take you to jail because obviously you’re high.

5. Questions you need to be prepared to answer.

Each encounter might vary but most will go something like this. The 1st question if you’re driving will be, if you know why you were pulled over. Play this cool, this is just like every other motorist that gets pulled over. The next question is where you need to be prepared and not caught off guard, thus admitting your guilt through some cosmic vibes you give off that police can pick up on. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you are driving, they will likely ask if this is your car. If it isn’t your car, shit… If it is your car don’t be offended. Calmly answer that it is and move on. Another question you might encounter is asking if you have any warrants for your arrest. Whether you’ve ever been arrested or not, you probably have been to police officers so answer honestly. If you do, shit… if you don’t just answer truthfully. That question applies whether you’re walking, driving, or sitting down in your own house. Have you been drinking will come up. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3am or 10am it will be asked and you need to be prepared to answer. The last question you’ll surely encounter is one that is designed to check on your well being as a concerned friend. Where are you going? It should not matter where you are going but it absolutely does to the police. Even if you’re going to the store to get some milk answer quickly because if you answer quickly it automatically means you’re telling the truth. It may not make sense to you but it does not have to, this is how you play the game and keep yourself from unintentionally threatening the police with the possibility of you heading somewhere you don’t belong.

6. The correct volume to speak and accent to have when answering questions asked by the police.

You’re wondering how can this help? It makes a world of difference. If you sound like Laverne Hooks from Police Academy the officer could become incredibly frustrated because they can’t understand you. If you sound like Samuel Jackson in Die Hard 3, you could be looked at as defiant and therefore threatening, making lethal force necessary. The accent you have makes a big impact as well. If you have a southern drawl, unfortunately this means that you’re up to something. If you have a heavy east coast accent, unfortunately this means you’re up to something. If you sound like you’re from the west coast, unfortunately this means you’re up to something. If you have an island accent or an accent like someone from Europe or Africa then this ultimately means that you’re up to something. It’s a tough spot to be in. For women, the best volume, tone and accent to speak in is the calm Claire Huxtable or the Calm Jessica Pearson. Strong but not too strong. Polite but not nervous and most of all graceful. You need to put their minds at ease. Any other tone of voice means that more than likely there is a body in the trunk and you’re trying to hurry up and get to Home Depot to buy acid and other things needed to dispose of it. For men there is only one correct voice to use and that is the calm Braxton P. Hartnabrig. Aha! No voice can soothe like Braxton’s. It isn’t threatening. It isn’t too strong. It quivers just enough so that the police can feel as if they are in charge and all of your words will be enunciated to perfection. It is the absolute best choice to use in order to get through the encounter as smoothly as possible.

7. Good answer vs bad answer.

Now that you know what to do and how to do it. You know what you should have and shouldn’t. You also know what questions to expect and the proper tone of voice and accent to answer them in, it’s time to go over what’s a good answer and what’s a bad answer. Your answer will save your life. The key to a good answer is that it must never sound like a question. Questions mean that you feel you have a right to ask the officer something as if you’re a peer. Questions, question authority and it’s never good to question an officer’s authority. Questions mean that you have something to hide since you didn’t give a direct answer. If you have something to hide it is the officer’s job, well, it’s the officer’s civic duty to get to the bottom of it at all costs. Direct answers that bend to the will of the officer is good. Anything else is extremely bad and can set things off that end up with you being on the wrong end of justifiable force.


In conclusion, the threat you pose is real people. You could be a terrorist or a thug. You could be on your way to ruining someone else’s day even if you’re just simply walking to the store or out enjoying the sun. You could be gathering people up to join a group that is planning to overthrow the government, like voters. There is no telling what you’re up to so the officers out to protect the communities have no choice but to engage you and figure out if you’re one of the good ones. Even if you feel you’re one of the good ones they still need to keep verifying your good status every now and again, don’t worry it’s just part of the protocol. The only way to ensure a safer encounter is to understand why it is happening and to be prepared when it does. These 7 keys when executed to perfection, wait, that phrase might not be appropriate right here. These 7 keys when followed correctly, will drop your chances of being harmed and or shot by the police a whopping 2%. You just can’t do any better than that. Remember your training and good luck.

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The Oracle Report | Monday, October 6, 2014



“Galactic Connection Radio” with Alexandra Meadors

“Galactic Connection” September 30, 2014

Libra 2014 Cycle: “Time to Respond”

Libra 2014 Cycle – Time to Respond


Monday, October 6, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Pisces

Skill: respond by emotionally detaching and witnessing

Negative Imprint: settling, waste, denial of reality, base instincts, taking unfair advantage, lies, soul hunger, abandonment, aggression, targeting people for hurt, dishonor

Positive Imprint: independence, clarity, seeing what is truly valuable, integrity, honor, trading up, alternative, options, new depths to relationships, mediation

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Earth says it all today: a serpent coiling near a man and a woman. Wisdom is coiled next to us today like a serpent, but serpents also tend to strike, so we will be wise to the potential. Much of today’s energy centers around relationships.

As we move to Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse of the Blood Moon, the emotions in the blood are boiling and emotions are also turning cold-blooded. The key to navigating this is to take yourself out of the emotional churn. Emotionally detach from situations and take the stance of the wise owl watching what is happening. This is the point from which we will gain wisdom about what is being revealed to us.

Every day this month is like a Full Moon and this bringslunacy. People are saying things, doing things, and thinking things that can be very wild. The energy is wildly creative, but some are using this to create wild scenarios. Things are going crazy.

This is not a surprise to us because we have anticipated this month’s energy since March, when I first highlighted it. At that time, I discussed how the new world order (unnatural world order) and the old world order (natural world order) would clash this month. This is the month when the collective consciousness of humanity pushes back and begins to overtake. Remember that the Sabian symbol for this month’s energy is “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh,” which describes the shift that is happening to take us to the next level.

We need to honor this time instead of letting the R-complex of the brain, our “inner reptilian,” get carried away with instinctual responses. We are much stronger and smarter than this and will not allow ourselves to act ugly to others. We will, however, defend ourselves from ugliness any others are project at us. Projection is very high right now under the month-long effects of Full Moon phase energy. Shadow sides come out.

The other thing that is high is clarity. The Full Moon will be bright and clear but it is also bloody. The truth can be brutal, but it always serves to set us free.

This one sets us free from settling for scraps. People are scavenging for shreds of anything they can grab on to. Desperation can set in. We refuse that which is in not in integrity, holding ourselves to another level. We recognize that better things are coming to us and we don’t settle for less. We turn our backs to what is not worthy.

Mercury is trying to crawl off of 2 degrees of Scorpio and the energy of “a broken bottle and spilled perfume.” This energy has been with us for a week now, but today is the last day. Lingering emotions related to events that have broken out, broken apart, shattered, erupted, or exploded recently will begin to dissipate.

Take frequent breaks today because this will enable you to step out of the fray of the energy. When things become chaotic, we turn to nature. We go outside, connect to what is real, and answer the call to the spiritual warriors. We respond to a higher order – the dreaming of Gaia Sophia. Act with the integrity of the warrior that you are.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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Finding Finland!

Thank you Cindy! Such a colourful, lively looking place for being so very far north! My neighbor’s family is from there so I have heard a lot about it. Very interesting culture as well as beautiful scenery.

Cindy Knoke

It took us awhile to meander over to Finland.
All I can say is, we should have found Finland sooner!
Finland is scenically stunning.
There is wonderful Hanseatic, Classical and Orthodox architecture.
There were a lot of street artists and musicians in Helsinki. This musician made beautiful music with his wine bottles!
Like most of Europe, there are beautiful cathedrals.
If you have the chance, I definitely recommend you find Finland too!
Cheers to you from The Holler~

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal October 6 to 12, 2014 Pam Younghans

Posted Sunday, October 5, 2014
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
October 6 to 12, 2014

By Pam Younghans
Photo: Lunar Eclipse seen from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA on April 15, 2014(credit: David Copley, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE dominates the astrological news this week. All eclipses activate important changes and developments, and this one is especially potent in that regard.

First off, and most notably, the Moon is less than one degree away from Uranus at the time of the eclipse. This close proximity means that the Uranian themes of awakening, unexpected developments, rebellion against the status quo, originality, and invention are woven into the fabric of the lunation.

Looking at that list of themes associated with Uranus, it is easy to see how this planet’s influence corresponds with times of both breakthrough and breakdown, as mentioned in last week’s Journal.

THE POSITIVE POTENTIALS of the breakthrough are supported in other components in the eclipse chart: Uranus in Aries is trine (120 degrees away from) both Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius, forming a Grand Fire Trine. This configuration provides support for creative visioning and inspired (or impulsive) action.

And, very importantly, with the Sun positioned exactly opposite the Moon/Uranus, a more rare configuration called a Kite is formed. This represents a lot of energy stirring, that wants to be expressed and utilized, that finds it hard to sit still.

ONE BY ONE, here’s how the planets in the Kite configuration are assisting us:

  • Uranus/Moon in Aries: Providing the courage, insight, and self-focus needed to help us break away from restraints and limitations
  • Jupiter in Leo: Expanding our self-confidence and optimism, encouraging us to live a life of joy and personal fulfillment
  • Mars in Sagittarius: Igniting the fires of conviction and belief in what we know to be true, and providing the energy to take on new challenges and adventures
  • Sun in Libra: Providing a foundation of balance and harmony, the ability to work with others to create win-win outcomes, and an emphasis on fairness and justice — and, as the only representative of an air sign, helping us maintain some objectivity in the midst of all that fiery energy of the grand trine

ASTROLOGER BIL TIERNEY writes that a Kite configuration, when found in a natal chart, is “a dynamic indicator of success in life.”

Although a chart for an eclipse is not interpreted exactly the same as a chart for a new baby, there are some commonalities in that both are “birth charts” of a moment in time. Both show the potentials that are ready to express themselves — one during the course of a lifetime, and the other in the unfolding of an eclipse cycle, which lasts for the six months that follow the date of the eclipse.

Tierney also explains that the Kite expands the potentials of the Grand Fire Trine:

“[The Kite] serves to heighten our awareness of the Grand Trine’s vast creative or spiritual potential, encouraging a fuller activation of its promise within a wider range of circumstancial experience. The Kite may actually be more versatile in its creative application, since it encourages eagerness of self-expression plus provides ample opportunities for such expression.”

AS ALWAYS, the planetary energies that affect all of us are brought into personal focus by relating them to our individual birth charts. To find clues as to the effects of this Kite Eclipse in your personal life, the first step is to find where the planets in the Kite are located in relation to your birth chart.

It is especially important to locate 15 degrees of Aries (the location of the Moon/Uranus) and, exactly opposite, 15 degrees of Libra (the location of the Sun):

  • The natal house where you find 15 degrees of Aries indicates the area of your life where special talents and skills are ready to be awakened, embraced, and utilized.
  • The natal house where you find 15 degrees of Libra indicates the area of your life where events and circumstances will act as a catalyst to help you seek out those talents and skills.

And then, finding the houses that contain 15 degrees of Sagittarius and Leo, the other fire signs in the grand trine, will provide more insights as to what areas of life are calling for you to take a quantum leap.

THE CHART for the Lunar Eclipse does include some challenges, however. The energies of the Pluto-Uranus square are stimulated by the lunation, so some changes will feel disruptive until we can shift our expectations and perspective enough to accept their purposes.

Venus is particularly involved here, being almost exactly square (90 degrees away from) Pluto. Venus rules relationships, values and financial matters, so we may be especially aware of conflicts in these areas of our lives.

Powerful, instinct-driven, compulsive reactions can be triggered by Pluto. These are often indicators of emotional patterns that have control of us. These patterns need us to shine the light of higher awareness upon them so that we can see them for what they are.

SATURN also plays an important role in this eclipse chart, by being aligned with Ceres in Scorpio. The joining of these two emphasizes the need to gain greater self-discipline in our monitoring of inner negativity.

Saturn, as always, is the lesson-bringer, and the voice of the Cosmic Parent. The ringed planet in Scorpio is telling us that it is time to be honest with ourselves about the emotional energy we emanate, and to take responsibility for transforming that energy as needed.

IF YOU’RE THINKING that this eclipse sounds like a powerful one, I heartily agree! Overall, it feels like there are great potentials for positive developments, but some bumps in the road at the same time. And, we are aware that all change, whether our minds call it “good” or “bad,” registers high on the stress scale.

So remember to get plenty of sleep this week. Our minds and bodies will be needing lots of rest and rejuvenation time from dealing with these heightened energies.


NorthPoint Astrology Blog: To read posts and add your comments, please visit http://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/. See you there!

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Highlighted Aspects=”#3300cc”>
TUE: Chiron quincunx Sun, Pluto biquintile Jupiter, Uranus opposite Sun, Mars semisquare Mercury; WED: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 3:50am PDT, Pluto square Venus, Jupiter trine Mars; FRI: Mercury retrograde returns to Libra, Jupiter sextile Sun, Chiron quincunx Venus; SAT: Uranus opposite Venus; SUN: Sun conjunct North Node
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Truthout Daily Digest Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bush, Flying Shoes and Remembering the Truth

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: Most people consider George W. Bush a failed president, but according to the goals laid out by the paymasters who created him, he was the most successful president in the entire history of the country.

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Alexander the Great: History’s Superstar

C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout: The discovery of a vast tomb in Amphipolis, Greece, which archeologists believe dates back to the era of Alexander “the Great,” has captured the public’s imagination like few other finds in the modern period. Who was Alexander?

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Twelve Years Before ERT’s Shutdown, a Dark Chapter in Greece’s Media History

Michael Nevradakis, Truthout: Since 2001, radio stations in Athens have operated under a hodgepodge of eight different legal frameworks. All of the licenses issued in 2001 and 2002 have expired or been invalidated in a situation that remains opaque, but suggestive of government collusion with big business and media interests.

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Crime Fiction and Political Activism: Where They Meet and How

Peter Handel, Truthout: Since the early 20th century, numerous crime novel authors have explored politically charged themes, including class distinctions, government corruption and oppression of women and people of color. Truthout interviews Ken Wishnia, one of today‘s most perceptive practitioners.

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Koch-Backed Group Charged With Suppressing Cat Vote in North Carolina

Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet: The Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity is being investigated for sending mailers with incorrect information about how to register to vote to hundreds of North Carolina voters – and one cat.

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Lack of Accountability Fuels Gender-Based Violence in India

Stella Paul, Inter Press Service: Thousands of girls and women are sexually abused, tortured and murdered in a tide of gender-based violence that shows no sign of slowing, fueled by conflict and lack of accountability in India.

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Among Those Closest to Dallas Ebola Case, Confusion Reigns

Avi Selk, Dallas Morning News: As investigators retrace Thomas Eric Duncan’s movements and national media throng at the gates of the apartment he stayed at, many residents inside, who are immigrants, remain ignorant and confused about the disease.

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Loss of Night: Artificial Light Disrupts Sex Hormones of Birds

Jane Kay, Environmental Health News: Around the world, scientists have gathered mounting evidence that city lights are altering the basic physiology of urban birds, suppressing their estrogen and testosterone and changing their singing, mating and feeding behaviors.

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Bangladeshi Workers Organize to Protect Their Most Valuable Export: Themselves

Tiffany Williams, Foreign Policy in Focus: Migrant domestic workers from Bangladesh enjoy little protection from their government. Legislation is sorely needed, but in the meantime organizing and educating the labor force are the best hope for workers.

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Why Dilma Rousseff Could Win Brazil’s Presidential Election

Mark Weisbrot, The Guardian: The country has widely reported problems, but improvements in income and conditions for many workers mean a lot of Brazilians have done well over the past decade under Rousseff’s Workers’ Party leadership.

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With Dry Taps and Toilets, California Drought Turns Desperate

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How the Koch Brothers Helped Bring About the Law That Shut Texas Abortion Clinics

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More Than 3,000 New Voters Have Registered in Ferguson Since Michael Brown’s Death

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Global Inequality Reaches Levels Not Seen in Nearly 200 Years

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After Brush With Ebola in Dallas, Family Faces Weeks of Confinement

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Why Misdemeanors Aren’t So Minor

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