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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 5 October 2014

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Housing Rights Group Says HUD Program Helps Wall Street, Hurts Homeowners

Rebecca Burns, Truthout: Housing rights organizations say a new federal housing program has deepened the pain of homeowners and tenants by handing their fates over to hedge funds and investment groups that have no interest in keeping residents in their homes.

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Noam Chomsky: Resisting Empire for More Than Four Decades

Marcus Raskin, Haymarket Books: For the casual observer, Chomsky seems to hold that on the one hand, there is science and analysis, and on the other hand, there are those desired values that we hold dear and preach about through different social means, writes Marcus Raskin in the forward to Chomsky’s book, Masters of Mankind.

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Since Hiroshima: Australia’s Active Involvement in the Use and Abuse of Nuclear Energy

Lindsay Fitzclarence, Truthout: Australia has been involved in nuclear power politics since the 1940s as both a weapons test site and a source of base fuel uranium.

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Feeling the Touch of the Goad: A Sense of Urgency as a Spur to Climate Action

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Truthout: The texts of early Buddhism provide us with a psychological model of how the sense of urgency arises and how it can be channeled into effective action. This sense is necessary to confront climate change.

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Monsanto Announces “Global Center” for Developing GMO Corn

Anastasia Pantsios, EcoWatch: Monsanto announced this week that it is opening a new facility in Mexico to research and develop new hybrid types of corn resistant to disease and climate conditions – but the reception hasn’t been particularly warm.

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Truthout Interviews Featuring James Kilgore on Reversing Mass Incarceration in the US

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Ted Asregadoo talks to author and research scholar at the University of Illinois’ Center for African Studies James Kilgore about what the movement against mass incarceration can learn from those combatting climate change.

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Military Firms Likely to Benefit From Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times: With US and allied aircraft now bombing Islamic State and Al Qaeda positions in Iraq and Syria, many analysts foresee a boost to bottom lines for munitions manufacturers, weapons producers and other military contractors.

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Student Protests Are a Bigger Deal Than You Think

Jeff Bryant, Campaign For America’s Future: Students who are alarmed to know they’re not allowed to learn about civil dissent and protest have quite rationally chosen to protest.

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Ellsberg Sees Vietnam-Like Risks in ISIS War

Barbara Koeppel, Consortium News: Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department official who leaked the Pentagon Papers exposing the Vietnam War lies, is alarmed at the many parallels between Vietnam and President Obama’s new military campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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The Scourge of Siphon-Up Economics

Marjorie E. Wood, OtherWords: Addressing inequality head-on will put our nation’s wealth back where it belongs – with all of us.

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This week in SpeakOut:

Paul Thomas deconstructs the cruel practices of Southern Christianity; Kayly Oberquestions the absence of risk analysis from government response to climate change;Michaela Wade discusses the growing and extreme divide between rich and poor in San Francisco and simultaneous loss of the city’s famous whimsical character and charm;Reprieve calls for transparency in the Guantanamo force feeding trial; Nozomi Hayasereviews Julian Assange’s new book, When Google Met WikiLeaks; Melissa Fisher and John Lawrence report on potential for worker co-ops in New York City; Darius Shatahmasebianalyzes New Zealand’s National Party’s record in light of its recent electoral victory; Les Kishler discusses the art and science of deep gardening; Dr. Marc Gopin argues professionals should return some of the benefits of their professions to society; Erin Niemela criticizes the use of polls as a “rally around the flag” tactic during wartime; Edward Tick talks about mentally-ill veteran Omar Gonzales, who scaled the White House walls, and how we need a new paradigm in treatment of US veterans; Public Citizen releases a new report excoriating extra-judicial trade tribunals; Acronym TV confronts white privilege in the climate justice movement; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

The Most Ambitious Environmental Lawsuit Ever

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Pacific Northwest Tribes Fight to Save Threatened Salmon

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Mass Graves With Charred Victims Found in Southern Mexico

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As Supreme Court Term Begins, Prospect of a Gay-Marriage Ruling Looms Large

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Open Pits Offer Cheap Disposal for Fracking Sludge, but Health Worries Mount

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Los Angeles County Supervisors to Weigh County Jails’ Collaboration With ICE Agents

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Doctors With Borders

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