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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, October 8, 2014

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“Galactic Connection Radio” with Alexandra Meadors

“Galactic Connection” September 30, 2014

Tuesday, October 8, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Aries

Skill: understand that changes for the best are afoot today

Negative Imprint: repeating negative patterns, underestimating ourselves or others, dullness, gullible, infantile behavior, miscommunication, shooting off, lost in details or mind loops, resisting changes

Positive Imprint: cosmic rhythms, flexibility, hope, shields, rising above, rebirth, gaining wisdom, clarity, alchemy, rest, calm, messages, stories, security, comfort, accepting changes

Uranus rules the energy today, as the Sun makes exact opposition to it at 4:38 pm ET/8:38 pm UT. We can expect the unexpected all day long. Uranus brings the power of lightning strikes of change, surprise, and sometimes shock. Uranus works swiftly, making our heads spin, and often leaving us wondering what happened.

But there is a beauty to Uranus that puts us where we need to be no matter what. So if you experience a dramatic change, rejection, or revelation, it is a great gain – not a loss. We can practice the art of trust with Uranus because it always works for the good (though most of the time it is very hard to do this because of the shocking nature of Uranus).

Today’s energy also tends to produce the feeling that we are back at the beginning or doing the same thing (making the same “mistake?”) all over again. The Sun is at the degree of “circular paths” so we feel like we are going around and around and maybe getting nowhere. Old habits often surface with this energy.

We should remember that even if we feel back where we started, truly we are not because we have gained wisdom and experience from the journey, even if it feels circular. We want to spiral UP, not round and round. This requires that we analyze our pattern and choose to do things a different way. Remember that things are changing dramatically this month. A big shift is on. Accept the changes that are happening for you, knowing that they are for your highest and best purposes.

When we spiral up we have a new perspective. We are able to see how things better fit together and relate. There is a high degree of alchemy in today’s energy which allows us to remix and rearrange elements of our lives so that they are more fulfilling. Mix it up today.

Pay close attention to any symbols that jump out at you for recognition. Our minds are prone to scan for symbols that will relate messages, insight, and information to clarify something. Animals symbolize various things also. I always recommend Ted Andrews’ bookAnimal Speak for the best interpretation of shamanic understanding of animals and their “medicine.”

Our journey this month is very much a mystery and we are led farther along it today. We are guided on this journey and there is much to see, as a lot is happening on the way to today’s destination. The destination, by day’s end, is insight or revelation. It’s the eve of the Red/Blood Moon which brings the ability to see through to the truth of matters. Be brave and look at what is being shown to you. Don’t turn away. You are a strong spiritual warrior on the path of wisdom. We aim to know.

We have ample protection and shielding in place today, but we remain vigilant to the desperate attempts of the new (unnatural) world order as their best-laid plans are crumbling before their eyes. They know they have lost control so they will continue to lash out. Tomorrow’s Full Moon and October 13-15 (when the Sun will oppose the Eris Point and Eris) are the days that are highlighted for hijinks by the minions of the Archons.

It’s an electrifying day today with the power of Uranus and the Sun on the eve of a total lunar eclipse. What is in shadow? What is revealed? What is alchemized? What is beginning? We gain wisdom of these things today. It’s a good day to be a wise owl.

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