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Oslo Radhus~

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Thank you Cindy! I love seeing the beautiful possibilities where people focus on what’s good instead of what is wrong. I would love it if our capital in Washington, D.C. had more colourful art, murals and beauty and less of the gridlock and unkindness that seems to “colour” it now.;-)

Oslo’s radhus or town hall is covered with phenomenal artwork and murals.
The artwork decorating the inside and outside of the radhus depict scenes from Norwegian legends and history.
The murals were painted by Henrik Sorensons.
The hall is famous for hosting the annual Nobel Prize ceremony each December 10.
In addition to the murals, there are wood-carvings, ceramic art, and quilts.
Quilt detail.
The hall also has mosaics and gorgeous marble.
One of the many painted, carved-wood pieces waving and sending you cheers from Oslo’s glorious radhus~.

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One thought on “Oslo Radhus~

  1. Hugz and gratitude for you my friend! ❤ ❤

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