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Bill Gates – Ebola, Death and Vaccines: Add In WHO, PATH, GAVI, UNICEF, Merck, GSK

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Thank you Jean! This is so disturbing, but not really unexpected since these sort of underhanded shenanigans using aid and help organizations to spread violence, terror and disease have been the stock-in-trade of certain groups for nearly a century:-/
People need to remember that we have ancestral folkways of medicine that are in many ways superior to the hi-tech allopathic top-down controlled model of healthcare.
Traditional Chinese medicine and East Indian Ayurveda have literally thousands of years of testing and improvement already done-unlike allopathic medicine which is less than 200 years old now.
Sure, people die when they use herbs that perhaps before we fed them to chickens and cattle, antibiotics could have cured but if the idea of medicine truly is “first, do no harm” then the folk medicine of all countries wins hands down.
The WHO scandal over their purposeful mismanagement of the funding for research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome taught me that they are as corrupt as any agency possibly can be.
If you want to avoid getting sick; first clean up your diet. Stop eating filth, poison and garbage-ie sugar, GMO’S , coal tar dyes, synthetic, processed “food like substances”. Minimize the stuff that weakens your body then give it more of what strengthens you. Fresh organic vegetables and fruits, immune building herbs like astragalus, olive leaf and reishi mushrooms can be added easily for most. “Weeds” like dandelions and Spanish needles (bidens alba) can be eaten in salads. Roasted chicory root or dandelion root brewed with coffee helps to detoxify your body. Simple daily habits of health will do more to prevent most epidemics.
Not only eating well of course but getting enough sleep, engaging in good personal hygiene and practicing “infection control” by washing regularly and avoiding germ sharing behavior. (Google infection control measures and you’ll get plenty of explanations).
“Fear is the Mind Killer” as Frank Herbert so eloquently informed us on Dune.
Don’t let the fear mongers drive your boat. We are all going to die sometime-but only once per lifetime. Living in fear is like dying every moment, over and over. Why give them that power over you?

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