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The Oracle Report | Friday, October 10, 2014

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Oracle Report Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Full Moon Phase: illumination

Moon in Taurus

Skill: celebrate life

Negative Imprint: selfishness, not resting, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, battles, disinterest, insensitivity, uncooperative, worry, criticism, offensive

Positive Imprint: unselfishness, peace, clearing, renewal, prophecy, transcending, reassurance, pleasure, joy, valor

The Blood Moon sets today, and with it the energy of the Sabian symbol for the Full Moon phase, “fairies dancing in the setting Sun.” We rejoice in the re-enchantment that is underway in the world.

We are going to need to work a little bit harder to try and get things done today, because the energy favors playing. When we take breaks today, we can return to matters at hand with renewed energy. So, while you need to be productive, break and then return to things. And when your work is done, well, then it’s time to really enjoy something.

Be aware that an unbinding of the past is occurring with the strong effects of Uranus and Pluto. In special ways, our spirits are unbound to ways, habits, thoughts, patterns, ideals, and feelings of the past. The effects are tangible, producing definitive changes in our lives.

When things from the past are released, a mourning process naturally occurs – unless we interrupt the process because we cannot let go. Around 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT, the Moon will begin an opposition to Saturn. This will press on feelings of loss, rejection, fear, and grief that are inherent in major changes. With Saturn, however, tricks are often involved. These are tricks of the mind – mind control. Don’t get caught up in taking on responsibility that is not yours. Don’t engage in self-sabotage. Don’t get lost in fear. These are tricks of the mind. Trust the process of change that is unfolding.

There are also energetic signatures today that lend concerns with safety and survival, which is being massively re-imprinted by controlled media systems (formerly mainstream media). Be smart and follow your heart with these things, but transcend the fear if you catch it.

The Sabian symbols for today’s energies involve pelicans and doves. The “medicine” of these birds involves unselfishness and peace, respectively. These are the things we want to strongly reinforce today. We understand that we are renewed by giving. We understand that we are involved in a new beginning. Let’s focus this way today.

As the unforgettable Blood Moon sets, we celebrate in honor of the clarity and wisdom we have gained. Wanna dance?

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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