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Truthout Daily Digest Saturday, 11 October 2014

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For Families and Communities, Deportation Means Trauma

Erika L. Sánchez, Truthout: The psychological and emotional trauma of deportation is rarely examined in immigration coverage. Consequently, much of the public discourse lacks a human face. Deportations cause anxiety, behavioral problems, depression and PTSD – which not only affect individuals and families, but entire communities.

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John Pilger | From Pol Pot to ISIS: US Bombing Puts “Anything That Flies on Everything That Moves”

John Pilger, Truthout: Like Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, ISIS is the mutation of a Western state terror dispensed by a venal, imperial elite undeterred by the consequences of actions taken at great distance.

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“Weekend of Resistance” Off to Tense but Peaceful Start in Ferguson

Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times: A multitude of activist groups from St. Louis and around the United States have sent members to take part in the four-day protest against the death of Michael Brown, with intentions to raise awareness about police shootings and racial inequality.

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Setting a Bad Example: Flouting Legal Requirements in Greek Broadcasting

Michael Nevradakis, Truthout: While the press in Greece is generally free from overt regulation from the government, both laws and binding court decisions are ignored at will by the Greek government if they conflict with the interests of the country’s major media moguls.

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The Ghost in the GMO Machine

Paul Koberstein, Cascadia Times: Independent research shows that chlorpyrifos, a Dow Chemical insecticide used in the GMO fields on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, can cause significant harm to children nearby. But Dow is intent on convincing the EPA otherwise.

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The Not-So-Good News About the Border Crisis

Emily Schwartz Greco, OtherWords: The Obama administration is making it harder for Central Americans to get refugee status. It’s time to adopt a more humane foreign policy toward the region and start accommodating more of the people fleeing the mess our country helped create.

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Washington State Democrats to Challenge Hobby Lobby Decision

Lizabeth Paulat, Care2: The upcoming election in the state of Washington just became a women’s rights issue. A number of Democratic senators are proposing legislation for next year’s session that would prohibit companies from excluding women’s birth control on their insurance plans.

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Why Evo Morales Will Likely Win Upcoming Elections in Bolivia

Benjamin Dangl, Upside Down World: It is the success of Bolivian President Evo Morales’ party in bringing about positive change, as well as its ability to co-opt certain social movements and further controversial but lucrative industries, that will lead to electoral victory.

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A Perilous Journey: Seabirds Run Gauntlet of Hazards on 40,000-Mile Annual Trip

Cheryl Katz, Environmental Health News: Seabirds are the most rapidly declining birds on the planet, and the odyssey of the sooty shearwater – one of the most abundant birds on earth, now classified as near-threatened because of steep population declines – highlights many of the obstacles they face.

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In Protecting the Elderly, California at Last Takes Steps to Catch Up

A.C. Thompson, ProPublica: California, which has loosely regulated the assisted living industry for years, adopts measures that give advocates for the elderly modest hope. But advocates say the regulatory apparatus could still be strengthened in many ways.

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An Interview With Anarchist Organizer, Writer and Educator Chris Dixon

Staff, The Anarres Project: “Social movements give me so much hope!” says Chris Dixon. “I’m particularly inspired by grassroots movements with broad democratic participation that don’t shy away from articulating bold visions and engaging in disruptive forms of collective action.”

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Core Secrets: NSA Saboteurs in China and Germany

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Same-Sex Marriage Ban Overturned in North Carolina

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Former NFL Executive: Teams Hid “Hundreds” of Abuse Incidents

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Mass Protests Across Europe Slam US-EU Trade Deal as “Corporate Power Grab”

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Former NSA Director Had Thousands Personally Invested in Obscure Tech Firms

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Michael Brown Jury: Putting a Value on a Black Life in the United States

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How a Controversial Super-PAC Is Pushing Blacks and Latinos to Vote GOP

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