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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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When I first encountered the Oracle Report on Jean’s blog years ago, I was astonished and overjoyed to discover that someone else actually knew who the Goddess Eris really is-not the manipulated image of her the illuminati play up, but the deeper reality.

This was, for me, a sign from the Universe to trust and pay attention to Laura’s ideas and daily wisdom that she so wonderfully shares with us every day.

Eris is not just special to me, she is also a central sign and example for everyone of the deception the Old World Order have tried to make us all believe.

So much that colonized society reviles, fears, ignores, pushes down, or tries to destroy is the best, most important stuff.

From using darkness as the sign for evil (when darkness is not only so much more, it is good and necessary. They never turn the lights off in jail-does that make it the most loving wonderful place?) to seeing childbirth as dirty, dangerous and separate from life to depicting all that is wild, wilderness, forests, indigenous peoples and nature as needing to be mastered, controlled, manipulated or destroyed “for the good of society” and “progress”; their entire worldview is The Great Switcheroo!

My reading of today’s report is that today is a day for more easily perceiving that great deception and finding our individual path out of it’s cloying fog.

Imho America never really was the murderous beast of Empire they used her for. Imho the true spirit of my country has ALWAYS been the spirit of this land as it was thousands of years ago and still is today.

Not easily defined in words, certainly not by the patriotic propaganda words we most often hear to describe it, something more expansive, beautiful, whole and real.

The Empire may (very probably will) fall as empires always do. But the real America; the America that created The Great Law of Peace, the New Deal that said everyone is valuable and deserves to eat and be sheltered and cared for-even the poor and elderly, the society where skin color, disability, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion no longer define our worth or serve to exclude us- THAT America is still rising and will never fall. That spirit, that reality is an integral part of the coming age.
Like everyone, America will face, accept and defuse her shadow side allowing her true self to shine forth improving things for herself and all her interaction with others.

Blessings to Laura for all her work to help us all awaken and to all of you for all you do as well!



Oracle Report Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase: take personal responsibility

Moon in Cancer

Skill: yield to the feminine energy

Negative Imprint: control, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, hopelessness, suicidal, genocidal, negative rituals

Positive Imprint: mystery, happiness, wisdom, freedom, truth, hope, the good kind of anticipation, alchemy

The Goddess of the Earth meets up with the energy of rebirth today, as the Earth makes conjunction with the planet Eris. Gaia Sophia, the Goddess Who Is The Earth, blesses us with a release from the old ways and opens a gateway into the new ways.

The archetypal energy of Eris is primarily concerned with freedom from controls and unification of the fragmented or divided parts of ourselves. She seeks to free our minds and meld us into wholeness. She helps us integrate our shadow sides, where wells of personal power are bound by fears. She brings darkness to light.

It is a mystical day in that Sophia’s hand reaches up from the ground to lift us higher. She takes us above things today. This enables us to have a better view and a better sight line of the future. The energy of destiny is still very much present, as is the ability to transcend the past.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Earth and Eris today is “a woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load.” In other words, a Trojan Horse or a great heist.

From the vantage point of the energetics today, we should get a much better idea about the Trojan Horse or great heist that is being enacted upon humanity. Is what is hidden inside a package that looks like “abandoned borders” and “the brink of possible viral pandemic” a monstrous new system of control via global economics and banking? This may seem US-specific, but the plan requires that the US must fall. This will not happen no matter how far things break down, but the plan is underway. I will discuss this more in a new audio in the next few days. For today, watch the forward movement and see inside the Trojan Horse.

Eris energy also has a way of bringing truth to those who need it most but can hear it least. If a compulsion to say something comes over you, try to interrupt the circuit and give it some thought first. This is very difficult to do because Eris energy cannot be contained, but we can moderate the force of the “apples of discord” that we lob. (Eris’ Apple of Discord is what launched the Trojan War in the first place!) Mars, Eris’ fiery twin brother, is in trine, adding even more impulsivity. Remember also that Mercury is retrograde, which naturally leans toward miscommunication. A tip: commanding is better than demanding.

Eris energy brings revelations and awakenings of hidden talents. I’ve talked about this a few times this month, but the energy for this is very strong today, so if a hidden part of you that seeks freedom or expression has not revealed itself to you yet, today is another day. Focus on your HAPPINESS and it will find its way up.

Venus will also be discharging the energy of Eris, bringing the element of relationships into focus. Venus and Eris are sisters and symbolize the unification of the light and dark parts of ourselves. This day is heavily laden with energy to unify ourselves – to bring back the parts that linger in shadow in alien lands. Turn your back on whatever haunts you or whatever is keeping you lost or hidden. When we do this, we disempower the fear. Those haunted, lost, and hidden parts of ourselves can then come right back to us.

Be aware that whenever Eris energy is involved, there are usually two sides to things. Two sides emerge. Just like a Trojan Horse seems to be one thing but turns out to be another. So don’t judge things too fast. Also keep in mind that Eris energy is Black Moon energy – they are the same thing. So people will be projecting their own fears onto others through nagging, outbursts, conflict, and attempts to emotionally manipulate. See through it.

Sophia lifts us up today. Her touch feels like home. Ultimately, the Eris energy is the Mother Energy. It nurtures us, but it also teaches us. We learn best in environments where we are comfortable. Let go of the controls today and let her lift you to another place. The Sun will rise again tomorrow, but in a different place and space. Today, it’s Sophia and Eris’ place and space, and we yield.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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