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The Oracle Report | Saturday, October 18 – Sunday, October 19, 2014



Oracle Report Friday, October 17, 2014

Saturday, October 18 – Sunday, October 19, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase (Saturday): take personal responsibility

Balsamic Moon Phase (Sunday): release

Moon in Leo/Virgo

Skills: closure and release

Negative Imprint: scattered, aggressive instincts, spoiled, escapism, shallow, confusion, denial of threats, denial of the power of imagination, ambition that uses and abuses, self-pity

Positive Imprint: strengthening the heart, inner integration, transcendence, renewal, imagination, abundance, digging deep, regaining something lost, storehouses

Saturday’s energy tends to be unfocused and scattered, making it hard to accomplish things. It’s the last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase, the time when we take personal responsibility for what we need to and complete what needs to be completed. Third Quarter Moon phases are designed for closure. Given that we are more “fluid” on Saturday, completion of tasks may be harder than usual.

We are less focused and efficient in the outer world because Sabaoth the Sun is delivering a deep, inner integration and reinforcement of the mind, body, will, spirit, and the heart. We often hear about mind, body, and spirit being integrated, but the heart is not usually listed among them. Today, the heart is the key component in the equation. But the amount of transformation (of light codes within our bodies) that is happening Saturday is taxing to the body. It’s hard for our psyches to process it. It can also make us very tired.

A massive sunspot that is larger than the Earth rotated in our direction yesterday. We will see if Sabaoth the Sun wants to amp up the power of this integration and reinforcement of mind, body, will, spirit, and heart.

The Mahavidya Bharavi will be on duty Saturday to assist with Sabaoth’s project.

When energies like this are in place and we aren’t on-task very well, it’s an open invitation to turn things over to Higher Powers and “play hooky” to some degree. This is an American saying for calling off or calling out – being absent – and having fun instead. It may not seem like having fun is appropriate given current conditions and fear within the human collective. Respite is necessary in order to continue fighting the good fight – bringing wisdom and sanity back to the planet. We’ve been in this for thousands of years and we’ve maintained because we’ve kept the memory of the beautiful things about life alive under unbelievable odds.

We’ve also been responsive to what’s showing up all month long, so take some time to enjoy yourself, others, animals, trees, birds, and roses. Don’t overdo it to the point of total escape from reality – there is very high potential for incredible amounts of denial. The Sun will only be in Libra for a few more days, so let’s luxuriate in the spectacular beauty that it brings, while staying grounded in the reality of what is happening on Earth.

A much clearer mindset returns on Sunday, taking us to new levels of understanding and many, many future possibilities revealing themselves. We are carried above situations for new information about them. The Sabian symbol for the Sun on Sunday is “an airplane sails high in the clear sky.” This is fun and refreshing if we let go and let ourselves be uplifted. From a calm place of observation, above the swirling chaos, we gain objectivity and insight.

This will be easier to attain if we immerse ourselves in the lofty energy of the Balsamic Moon phase, which enters Sunday, and let our creative imaginations soar. Creative visualization is ultra-powerful Sunday. There is enough power to rectify or recapture situations, projects, or ideas that seemed lost to us – especially lost opportunities. This energy brings hope for second chances. It can even bring a lost part of ourselves back to us if needed.

The highest use of Balsamic Moon phase energy is to release whatever feelings, situations, conditions, thoughts, and beliefs we do not want to carry with us into the next lunar month. Close out whatever you don’t want lingering with you into the Scorpio cycle.

The “Green Comet” named Siding Spring will graze Mars this weekend and there seems to be a story here because many international countries are there observing. “Somehow” they made it there in no time. Apparently the comet, or whatever it is, will not make direct impact with Mars, but there sure is a lot of interest with this one. Note also that there is virtually no talk about it on old line media.

What’s the rest of the story with Mars right now? Well, it happens to be making conjunction with the Galactic Center. On Tuesday, October 21 at 8:00 am ET/noon UT, Mars will make exact conjunction.

An Oracle Report group meditation is planned for Monday night, October 20, 2014, at 8:20 pm ET/00:20 am UT to usher in planetary alignments with the Galactic Center. (The Earth, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars will all be in aspect to the Galactic Center. Mercury and the North Node will be conjunct, enabling us to deeply imprint the future we want.) I will post a general, dogma-free outline for the meditation with Monday’s Oracle Report. You can tack on your energy to the group meditation any time after the designated time because the wave will be in place. So if this time isn’t convenient for you where you perch your wise owl self, it’s ok. Time is an illusion, so that means being “late” is, too.

We are closing out the month where the light of the current age is transmuted to the next age. We are on the front lines of this because we are wise to what is going on and we have been watching it develop for over six months, courtesy the Mahavidyas and the Sabian symbols. We are living in the change of the ages! Let’s bring our imagination and future to life!

Happy weekend and much love from my heart to all the wise owls!

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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