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Playing with Blue Whales~

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Wow! In California even the Pelicans have surfer hair;-) ( our brown pelicans don’t have that awesome day-glo yellow top knot 😉
Cetaceans are arguably the most intelligent beings on Earth so it’s not surprising that they are also the most playful and joyful. Like the ancient enlightened kung fu masters in the movies who are always laughing and playing jokes. I’m in complete awe of our dolphins-i can’t wait to meet those amazing whales. There’s a guy named Wade Doak I read his books years ago. He plays and records music with whales in Puget sound and other areas out there. I agree wholeheartedly with Cindy-amusement parks that enslave living beings for profit are sick. Those concrete pools are to them what being in a white room with no furniture where they never turn the lights off-for years-would be like for us. It’s more amazing that so many whales and dolphins in those horrible situations have been so very kind and gentle with their captors for so many years than that an abused whale like Tillikum snapped and became violent a few times.

Okay so we’re not at The Holler, but we’re not on a trip either…… not exactly. We’re just heading up to NoCal to rendezvoux with the kids. A family visit, not a trip. But, since we were driving…..we stopped at Channel Islands National Park to play with the Blue Whales, and dolphins and humpbacks. I kid you not. Next time you feel like going to Sea World to see some marine mammals. Don’t. Save money and save animals. Go see ’em in a protected national park, in their natural habitat. Here they play with you……by choice!
I have never been so up close and personal with blue whales. They were all over the Santa Barbara Channel today. Swimming upside down under our boat and spraying us with spouts. I’ll post more pics soon, and tomorrow we head out again to a different island!
You may have heard blue whales are…

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One thought on “Playing with Blue Whales~

  1. Oh my God!!! I waited all day today for the foxes and NOTHING! I was a tad disappointed…..when in the last hour, three little foxes came out. I could have touched them! I got hundreds of photos. I am still totally jazzed! I have wanted so badly to photograph foxes and these are Channel Island Foxes who only live one place in the world. Had to tell you. I know you will be excited too because you love our earth to. Hugz to you, gratitude for you, and friendship too! ❤ ❤

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