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The Oracle Report | Monday, October 20, 2014

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Oracle Report Monday, October 20, 2014

Oracle Report Group Meditation – Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release

Moon in Virgo

Skill: go around or go above things

Negative Imprint: despair, fear, self-sabotage, doomed, defeated, frustrated, illusions, trust issues (especially spiritual trust issues), victimization, underestimating self

Positive Imprint: shattering of illusions, powers of imagination and visualization, creativity, definitive signs, adjustments, regaining ground, spiritual guidance and protection

A powerful day emerges with energy from the Galactic Center for concrete manifestation. The energy of the Galactic Center is “the sculptor’s vision taking form.”

There is a catch. There are two visions and our choice between them today is important. One vision involves a negative view of the present and future; the other is a positive view of the present and future. How we handle the things that come our way today determines which side of the vision we align with.

This is not as simple as it may seem because today’s prevailing energetic imprints are deeply pressed with despair, gloom, and hopelessness. It is often a very tough day. The highest intent of the energy is to help us see that even when things seem vastly out of our control, there is unseen guidance, protection, and order.

The lowest intent of the energy hides our ability to see signs and synchronicities that are immersed in the field around us. It hides the good in life. This is a lonely place to be.

So wise owls are called upon today to understand what is going on and work even harder to hold the line and see the sunny side. We take back our power as the sculptor and call forth the vision of the world returned to sanity.

To do this we will go around or go above the congestion and snarls of consciousness that emerge today. Mercury retrograde-types of issues are full blown today, with travel and traffic issues, miscommunication, and electronics being uncooperative. To cope, slow down and engage patience. Walking away and returning to it a bit later often resolves things.

But the main issue is consciousness and people’s states of mind. This is where the potential to get jammed up lies. People will be very reactive to this energy. A “victim mentality” is easily adopted. Feelings of failure, self-doubt, and disappointment lurk to keep us from taking up our roles as sculptors – dreamers – of the future. We will not abandon the journey we have undertaken with this month’s Moon. We know where the traps of self-sabotage are so we can go around them.

Adding even more power to the day is the giant, growing sunspot that released an X1.1 flare yesterday and an M3.9 already today. Neither of these produced coronal mass ejections, though we are still affected by the churning. Our bodies feel it. It’s an upgrade to consciousness, for sure, but sometimes it comes with headaches, insomnia, and generalized anxiety. These are (merely) growing pains.

We are asked to stand up, to rise to the occasion today. We are asked to insert our vision for the future into the fabric of reality. What do you envision?

(Note: Today’s group meditation takes place at 8:20 pm ET/00:20 am UT – or anytime thereafter since the wave will already be in place. Oracle Report group meditations are performed privately with one’s own flavor. There is no mind control here. It’s about freedom and independence.

What we are doing is putting in our say with how the future unfolds. Sculptors often say that the form is inside the stone or block of clay and they take away parts so that the form can emerge. We add our hands to this. A human contingent is required for it to be a co-creation. So your addition is very, very important.

Here is the general outline of the meditation:

  • Light a candle, burn sage, or whichever method you prefer to clear your space. This action connects our sacred intentions.
  • Invoke your preferred method of shielding/protection/connection. (The “Medicine Wheel of Protection” is discussedhere.)
  • Envision a sunrise or a sunset over a horizon – whichever strikes you. This can be wherever you want – a beach, a mountain, space – anywhere. This connects us, the Earth (Sophia), the Sun (Sabaoth), and the Galactic Center (spiritual home).
  • In your mind’s eye, greet (salute) these divine beings.
  • Declare aloud: “I am (state your name). I join with those dedicated to the values of Wisdom and Life. I stand united with my brothers and sisters of humanity and add my vision to our dream. We declare the sovereignty of our co-creation with the dreaming of our planet, Gaia Sophia. Our co-creation prevails.”
  • The meditative vision will end differently for everyone. What do you see?

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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  1. So fascinating! And such good posts over here! ❤

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