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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Oracle Report Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release

Moon in Libra

Skill: look and listen for messages

Negative Imprint: isolation, refusing help, resisting change, rationalizing, judgmental, doubtful, thinking one knows it all

Positive Imprint: attunement, sharing knowledge, conveying messages, reaching out, transformation of the basis or basics of something into something higher

The Moon returns to Libra once again during this Libra lunar cycle. But this time around is quite different from the first time, the New Moon in Libra on September 24. Much has been revealed. Much has changed. Do you remember your mindset at that time? Where has clarity illuminated in your life? This whole lunar month has been like a long Full Moon, beaming down a luminous glow all to enable us to see.

When we see, we respond. When we respond, we become stronger.

If you saw things this month but did not respond, you can let go of any feelings of guilt or failure. Most likely you did not respond as well as you would have liked because the shock of clarity slowed your process. Clarity can take some time to emotionally process. Not to worry because the next lunar month, the Scorpio cycle, is on its way and it is also a “Full phase” cycle. Like the current lunar month, the next one is also like a month-long Full Moon.

If you are groaning at the knowledge of another month that is like a month-long Full Moon, just remember that we have the fullest power during Full cycles. Think of what you can infuse into the field of consciousness now after the “full” hit of clarity delivered this cycle! Clarity, revelations, and insight will continue next month, but the effects will not be as jarring. Libra is cardinal energy, so it brings abrupt changes – right turns. Scorpio is fixed energy, so it settles into place better and then maintains, upholds, and defends its position. This will be most welcome, won’t it?

Today, messages are on tap for us in big ways – ways that influence destiny. Pay close attention to what you are hearing – not just in direct conversation, but also hearing what’s on the wind. You may hear a snippet of a conversation that has meaningful information for you. The natural world will send communications for you. Signs and synchronicities abound. Balsamic Moon phase is the time of mystical time of the month. The veils between the worlds are thinnest and Spirit whispers in our ears and in our hearts. Listening to music will accelerate and amplify this energy.

Balsamic Moon phase is also the time when we release feelings about what did not work out the way we wanted or what we may have lost over the past month. It is a time to release negativity, weeding out our minds in preparation for planting anew with the upcoming New Moon. We want the soil of our psyches to be fresh and clear because the next month is ultra-powerful for the re-creation of reality.

People tend to respond to others with harsh criticism today. Libra energy naturally judges. If this is upon you today, mellow it. There is no room for harshness under the Balsamic Moon. You can let it slip away to be transformed. This is true for harshness with ourselves also. There is no need for any of that. We can do things a different way. We are not slaves to repetition of behavior. We are free beings who can choose and change at any moment. We can mystify.

Let’s tend to the crop of our consciousness today and prepare for the abundance and opportunities that seek to find us next month. It’s really quite exciting!

(Many, many thanks to everyone who joined in the group meditation yesterday – and many thanks to anyone chooses to participate over the next couple of days. You can perform the meditation anytime before the New Moon in Scorpio on Thursday and have your voice heard.

We started this lunar month with the lofty mission of the Sabian symbol “the light of the sixth race {age} transmuted to the seventh {age}.” It was about bridging consciousness into a new time, a new paradigm – the Age of the Return of Wisdom or the Second Renaissance.

For this to be a co-creation between our dream for the future and the dreaming of Gaia Sophia, humanity, or a certain portion of humanity, needed to have its say – to show up and be heard. This needed to be done when conditions were favorable for connection with the Galactic Center, our spiritual home. This meditation was our way of standing up and injecting OUR vision for the future instead of being pulled around unconsciously, willy nilly. Our individual dreaming and unified action was received. We responded to the call to add our voice into the timeline. It was astounding. I will talk about it in the audio overview for next month that will be posted later today.

The “Contact Form” onwww.oraclereport.comseems to be working pretty well now, although we are still in Mercury retrograde. I am working through backlogged emails, but please feel free to send me anything that you’d like to pass on about what you saw in the meditation. Or share it on the Oracle Report Facebook community.

One other thing, one of the energies we were working off of yesterday was the position of Jupiter – “American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun.” Nice work, wise owls!)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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