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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 19 October 2014

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Henry Giroux on the Rise of Neoliberalism

Michael Nevradakis, Truthout: Henry Giroux discusses the increasingly negative impact of neoliberalism across the world – politically, socially, economically and in terms of education – and he offers some suggestions for what we must do now.

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Theodore Roosevelt, Walt Whitman and Andrew Jackson Were Proponents of Native American Genocide

Mark Karlin, Truthout: Author Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz speaks about her book on the true history of how the United States became a nation and the Eurocentric racism used to justify it.

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It’s Time to Stop Letting Sociopaths in Power Tell Us What Makes Us Happy

D.H. Garrett, Truthout: If we are to save ourselves, we must escape the twin clutches of both corporations and nation-states, which provide leadership of the irresponsible.

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The Shell Game of Contingent Employment

Darlene Lombos, Sarah Leberstein and Elvis Mendez, The Public Eye: As corporations continue to look for ways to skirt government regulations and increase their profit margins, many will continue to hire intermediaries or misclassify workers as a way of outsourcing their responsibility and escaping liability.

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Paying the Price of Tar Sands Expansion

Anna Simonton, Oil Change International: Despite all the reasons to keep tar sands in the ground, the refining equipment tax credit has helped put tar sands development in the US on the rise, accelerating climate change at the expense – in every sense of the word – of US taxpayers.

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Truthout Interviews Eisa Ulen on Raven Symone and Black Identity

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Truthout contributor Eisa Ulen is one of the voices who reminds Raven Symone and others that while a post-racial world is a laudable goal – and one Ulen certainly wants to see – we as a society are simply not there yet.

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Unfriending ALEC

Michael Brune, OtherWords: Big tech companies like Google and Facebook are breaking up with corporate polluters like the American Legislative Exchange Council. The climate movement is making it harder than ever for corporations to get away with poisoning our future.

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When the Ayatollah Said No to Nukes

Gareth Porter, Foreign Policy: In an exclusive interview, a top Iranian official says that Ayatollah Khomeini personally stopped him from building Iran’s WMD program. Khomeini ruled out development of chemical and biological weapons as inconsistent with Islam.

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My One Minute of Campaign Finance Fame

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, Brennan Center for Justice: As life imitates art, fights over pay to play laws have been going on in courtrooms, as the movie Pay 2 Play shows. The film is a well-made and comic introduction into the world of money in politics for those who don’t live and breathe the issue.

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Bashing Obama to Make Way for Hillary

Alli McCracken, PINKtank: “I’m horrified at the prospect of Clinton being the more ‘liberal’ presidential choice in 2016. If President Obama campaigned for hope and change, but ultimately enshrined some of Bush’s most egregious foreign policies, what will explicitly pro-war candidates deliver next?”

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Thoughts on Pedagogy

John Steppling, John Steppling’s Blog: There is another aspect to institutional educationtoday, and that is the deep reliance on bureaucratic models and its connection to sociology. It is important to think about who exactly is to be educated.

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This week in SpeakOut:

Kathy Kelly describes her most recent day in court for protesting drone warfare; Laith Sauddisallows Bill Maher’s “progressivism”; Jim McCluskey argues that the US has discovered the perfect formula for endless war; Talitha Victoria and Dora Aguilar address who is at fault for US economic and racial inequality; Carlo Altamirano-Allende juxtaposes two Mexicos: the failed narcopolitical state and the resistance to the drug-war-induced permanent state of violence; Ramzy Baroud asserts the US founded Sunni militancy in Iraq, a concept that had been, up until recently, alien to the Middle East; Laura Finley maintains it is essential for women to successfully negotiate their salaries and raises; Johan Schneereviews the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and discovers ten years of successful programs (NOT!), while Edmonds and Nangwaya predicted the catastrophic renewal of MINUSTAH’s mandate and Charles Hinton discusses the Duvaliers’ ongoing legacy; Temple University faculty and others write an open letter to that institution demanding a formal policy requiring disclosure of the funding sources for academic research; Ravi Batra reviews Apek Mulay’s new book, which claims mass capitalism may be the only way to eradicate unemployment and poverty in the US; and more.

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The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

A $10.10 Minimum Wage Would Save the US Government $7.6 Billion a Year

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Major Oil Spill Strikes Louisiana, Threatens Waterways

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How Billionaire Oligarchs Are Becoming Their Own Political Parties

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The Government Wants Tech Companies to Give Them a Backdoor to Your Electronic Life

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Gov. Rick Scott Privatized, Florida Prisoners Died

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Not The Onion: Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Owner Wins Climate Leadership Award

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Missouri’s Solidarity Economy Is Organizing in the Wake of Michael Brown’s Death

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