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Truthout Daily Digest Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Gareth Porter | How a US and International Atomic Energy Agency Deception Haunts the Nuclear Talks

Gareth Porter, Truthout: In 2008, the Bush administration and a key IAEA official agreed on a strategy of misrepresenting Iran’s position on the authenticity of intelligence documents, which they used to establish an official narrative of Iran “stonewalling” the IAEA investigation. That narrative continues to shape Obama administration policy in the nuclear talks.

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Racist Policing in the De Blasio Era: Bill Bratton’s Crusade to Save a Dying Brand

Nick Malinowski, Truthout: Is profiting from the criminalization of people of color racist, and is New York City Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton maintaining a debunked policing philosophy for personal financial gain?

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“Suffered or Permitted to Work” – When Is a Worker an Employee?

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: In the first week of the Supreme Court’s 2014-2015 term lurks an easy-to-miss case. To miss it would be a mistake. Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. v. Buskreveals the ugly side of business today.

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We Want Them Alive: The Search for Mexico’s 43 Missing Students

Andalusia Knoll, Waging Nonviolence: The last time the group of missing students was seen was in the custody of Mexican municipal police forces, who detained them after opening fire on their caravan in an attack that killed six people and injured dozens more.

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Israel-Palestine: Untying the Knot

L. Michael Hager, Truthout: The Israeli occupation and settlement expansion, the Gaza cease-fire, reconstruction, PLO-Hamas reconciliation and Palestinian statehood are entangled issues. To untie the knot that lies at the center, the United States must use its military aid to Israel and Egypt as a bargaining chip.

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The Lost Generation

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: Thanks to our nation’s addiction to 34 years of failed Reaganomics and to devastating libertarian extremist economic policies, the millennial generation is the United States’ lost generation. Millennials have seen up close and personal how libertarian economics and unregulated capitalism have brought our nation’s economy to its knees.

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Suit Against Kern County Schools Alleges Disproportionate Discipline for Students of Color

Susan Ferriss, The Center for Public Integrity: A sweeping lawsuit filed in Kern County, California, this month alleges that African-American and Latino high school students suffer discrimination from disciplinary practices that remove them at disproportionate rates from regular school and place them in inferior alternative settings.

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Governor Brownback Outsourced Child Support Services to Donor

Mary Bottari and Jonas Persson, PR Watch: In March 2013, the Kansas Department of Children and Families announced that all child support services would be outsourced, and a request for proposal was issued. Not limited to enforcement, the contracts would include services connected to court petitioning, locating parents and establishing paternity.

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Applauding Black Death in the Hour of Chaos

Mariame Kaba, Prison Culture: “I heard a 19-year-old young black man say that he wasn’t afraid to die for justice in Ferguson. Some in the assembled multiracial audience applauded. But what does it mean to be willing to die for a cause in a society that already considers you to be hyper-disposable?”

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Laura Flanders | New Factories Have Jobs You’d Really Want – and These Chicago Kids Are Skilling Up to Get Them

Laura Flanders, YES! Magazine: Manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States, but to fill them we’ll have to train a new generation of workers. That’s what this school is doing in a struggling neighborhood that once hosted the country’s biggest candy empires, as factories return.

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Fighting the Last War: Will the War on Terror Be the Template for the Ebola Crisis?

Karen J. Greenberg, TomDispatch: These days, two “wars” are in the headlines: one against the marauding Islamic State and its new caliphate of terror carved out of parts of Iraq and Syria, the other against a marauding disease and potential pandemic, Ebola, spreading across West Africa.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: California’s Dwindling Water Supply Is Contaminated, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: The last thing Californians needed was to learn that some of their dwindling water supply has been contaminated; last week, a lab official pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate the Clean Water Act; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering whether to extend Diablo Canyon’s operating license for another 20 years; and more.

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Global Trade Pacts Now Limit US Consumer Food Information

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Public Citizen condemned a World Trade Organization ruling that would prohibit mandatory country of origin labeling on meat sold in the United States.

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In Ferguson, the Grand Jury Is Out and the Fix Is in

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Meet the Iraq War Truthers: Why They’re Convinced Bush Was Right on WMD

Read the Article at Salon

Ridiculous Pastor John Hagee: Ebola Is God’s Judgment on the US for Trying to “Divide Jerusalem”

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

How a SWAT Team Killed an Innocent Man Outside His Childhood Home

Read the Article at Salon

How Edward Snowden Changed Journalism

Read the Article at The New Yorker

Exxon: Destroying Planet Necessary to Relieve Global Poverty

Read the Article at EcoWatch

David Swanson | On Killing Trayvons

Read the Article at War Is A Crime

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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, October 22, 2014



Oracle Report – Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release

Moon in Libra

Skill: “prime the field” (see below)

Negative Imprint: immaturity and arrested development, refusing change, denial of personal needs, outworn patterns, narrow-minded

Positive Imprint: links, taking action toward goals and desires, dreaming, looking to signs from Spirit, abstractions, piercing the veil (outer appearance) to see truth

The Sun moves through the last vestige of Libra today, bathing us one final time in energy that nurtures and expresses beauty.

What does your heart stir you to express today? Today’s energetic signatures take what is abstract or what is a picture in our minds and spin in into reality at a later date. The later date may even be tomorrow. Manifestation is becoming faster and more furious now that the goddess embodied as our planet, Sophia, is fully awake and engaged, and we have declared ourselves participants individually and through various groups (soul families).

As one wise owl heard at the end of Monday’s group meditation, “The miracles begin soon.” I couldn’t agree more.

It’s time to be ready for what looks like miracles because the world is rapidly changing from one way of operation to another. The matrix is falling. As pieces of it dissolve, windows of opportunities show through. We respond to this. There is every reason to not only be hopeful for the future, but to anticipate it with excitement.

It’s the last day of the Balsamic phase, the eve of the New Moon in Scorpio, which enters tomorrow at 5:55 pm ET/9:55 pm UT. Until then, we have the opportunity to “prime” the field. Balsamic phases are best used to infuse the field of consciousness with very high, loving vibrations. Envisioning (daydreaming, fantasizing) with feeling is extremely powerful during Balsamic Moon phases. The Universe responds to our dreams. It seeks to know our secrets.

Because this (astrological) year is about change and we are now in the middle of the year, when the brightest light of clarity shines, resistance to change will show up today. If you are not changing and adapting, something will happen today to help you. It may not look like help and it very well may not feel helpful, but this is the true intent. Switch to viewing it with grace and it will ease traumatic feelings.

Restrictions and places where we feel limited conflict with feelings of safety. There is a strong desire for comfort, contentment, nurturance, and relief from burdens today. We are drawn to what feels safe and reliable. What enriches you? The answer is key today so give it some thought.

One other thing,enduring links of people, places, and things from the past are brought back today.

Spread some Balsamic Moon phase love today and give thanks to all the divine beings who have guided us this month. I thank all of your for your support and well wishes. It has been quite a journey and we have been blessed with much clarity. We’re fully embedded within the co-creation of our dreaming with Sophia now, so let the magic and the miracles begin.

(Recording of the overview for the next lunar month was delayed yesterday but should be available later this afternoon.)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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Truthout Daily Digest Monday, 20 October 2014


Dahr Jamail | As Casualties Mount, Scientists Say Global Warming Has Been “Hugely Underestimated”

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: As the signs of runaway anthropogenic climate disruption continue to escalate, a new study reports that climate change is “worse than we thought” because it is happening “faster than we realized.”

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The Evaporation of Democracy

Lorenzo Del Savio and Matteo Mameli, Truthout: Democracy is evaporating. In our globalized world, new forms of colonization are emerging, and popular control over decisions that affect people’s freedom and well-being is becoming increasingly weaker. This can and must be stopped.

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Documents Show US Siding With Israel in Death of Its Own Citizen

Jessica Lee, Truthout: Documents obtained by the Center for Constitutional Rights show how the United States was complicit in hindering investigation of Israel’s execution of a US citizen and other crimes while halting the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla, a humanitarian relief effort.

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Domestic Terrorism Allegations Appear to Be Used as War Propaganda

Alastair Sloan, Truthout: In the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, some terrorism investigations appear to be deliberate attempts to suggest domestic terror connections that will stimulate popular support for the war against Islamic State.

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Dean Baker | Ebola Hysteria Fever: A Real Epidemic

Dean Baker, Truthout: Thus far, the Ebola virus has infected three people in the United States that we know of, however Ebola hysteria seems to have infected somewhere close to 300 million. There are reports of kids being pulled out of schools and even some school closings.

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Dark Day for Democracy: SCOTUS Allows Racially Motivated Disenfranchisement of Texas Voters

Ernest A. Canning and Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog: As the plaintiffs in the otherwise successful challenge to Texas Republicans’ polling place photo ID restriction law pointed out during their emergency petition to the US Supreme Court earlier this week, it was the high court itself that gutted a central provision of the Voting Rights Act.

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Edward Snowden and the Golden Age of Spying: An Interview With Laura Poitras

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch: Director Laura Poitras, like reporter Glenn Greenwald, is now known almost as widely as Edward Snowden himself for helping facilitate his entry into the world. Her new film takes you back to June 2013 and locks you in that Hong Kong hotel room with Snowden for eight days that changed the world.

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Did Louisiana Attorney General Caldwell Miss the CDC Memo That Incineration Kills Ebola?

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell got a temporary restraining order to stop the incinerated remains of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan’s belongings from being disposed of in Louisiana.

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Code Black Alert: Slave Patrols Alive and Well Across the US

Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and Kevin Berends, Black Agenda Report: Understanding the history of policing in the US-African community is important to developing an analysis and the ability to predict whether this criminal justice system is salvageable or needs to be completely reimagined.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: The US Is Number One in Violence, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: Violence is one of the only reasons the United States finds itself at the top of any charts; many colleges around the country will take as much of their students’ money as they can get their hands on; the top 1% own half of all the world’s assets; and more.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Threat of Ebola Highlights Problems in the US Public Health System

Emily Cerciello, Next New Deal: The second case of Ebola transmitted in the United States was confirmed in Texas recently. Even more frightening, perhaps, is the sequence of events leading up to the transmission and the many questions it generates about the preparedness of the country in responding to public health emergencies.

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Obama’s Drone Strike Threat to Jonas Brothers Remains Despicable After Four Years

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Celebrities come and go, but presidential attempts at reprehensible humor leave a foul aftertaste.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

Pennsylvania Senate Stands Up to the NRA

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Lawsuits: Alabama Jailers Let Prisoners Die From Easily Treatable Illnesses to Save Money

Read the Article at Raw Story

Obama Could Reaffirm a Bush-Era Reading of a Treaty Which Would Allow Torture Overseas

Read the Article at The New York Times

Only 4 Percent of Drone Victims in Pakistan Named as Al-Qaeda Members

Read the Article at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

In Texas, It’s Easier to Buy an Assault Weapon Than to Vote

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

For Battered NFL Wives, a Message From the Cops and the League: Keep Quiet

Read the Article at The Washington Post

Matt Taibbi | The US Justice Divide: Why Crime and Punishment in Wall Street and Ferguson Are So Different

Read the Article at The Guardian