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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Oracle Report – Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release

Moon in Libra

Skill: “prime the field” (see below)

Negative Imprint: immaturity and arrested development, refusing change, denial of personal needs, outworn patterns, narrow-minded

Positive Imprint: links, taking action toward goals and desires, dreaming, looking to signs from Spirit, abstractions, piercing the veil (outer appearance) to see truth

The Sun moves through the last vestige of Libra today, bathing us one final time in energy that nurtures and expresses beauty.

What does your heart stir you to express today? Today’s energetic signatures take what is abstract or what is a picture in our minds and spin in into reality at a later date. The later date may even be tomorrow. Manifestation is becoming faster and more furious now that the goddess embodied as our planet, Sophia, is fully awake and engaged, and we have declared ourselves participants individually and through various groups (soul families).

As one wise owl heard at the end of Monday’s group meditation, “The miracles begin soon.” I couldn’t agree more.

It’s time to be ready for what looks like miracles because the world is rapidly changing from one way of operation to another. The matrix is falling. As pieces of it dissolve, windows of opportunities show through. We respond to this. There is every reason to not only be hopeful for the future, but to anticipate it with excitement.

It’s the last day of the Balsamic phase, the eve of the New Moon in Scorpio, which enters tomorrow at 5:55 pm ET/9:55 pm UT. Until then, we have the opportunity to “prime” the field. Balsamic phases are best used to infuse the field of consciousness with very high, loving vibrations. Envisioning (daydreaming, fantasizing) with feeling is extremely powerful during Balsamic Moon phases. The Universe responds to our dreams. It seeks to know our secrets.

Because this (astrological) year is about change and we are now in the middle of the year, when the brightest light of clarity shines, resistance to change will show up today. If you are not changing and adapting, something will happen today to help you. It may not look like help and it very well may not feel helpful, but this is the true intent. Switch to viewing it with grace and it will ease traumatic feelings.

Restrictions and places where we feel limited conflict with feelings of safety. There is a strong desire for comfort, contentment, nurturance, and relief from burdens today. We are drawn to what feels safe and reliable. What enriches you? The answer is key today so give it some thought.

One other thing,enduring links of people, places, and things from the past are brought back today.

Spread some Balsamic Moon phase love today and give thanks to all the divine beings who have guided us this month. I thank all of your for your support and well wishes. It has been quite a journey and we have been blessed with much clarity. We’re fully embedded within the co-creation of our dreaming with Sophia now, so let the magic and the miracles begin.

(Recording of the overview for the next lunar month was delayed yesterday but should be available later this afternoon.)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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