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Preparing for Positive Timelines

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Thank you Laura!  I’ve been pondering exactly this lately and as usual your explanation brings much clarity to my muddy mental waters. 
As much as I would like to believe in the golden age served whole and free of work on our part by “financial insiders”, aliens, or other mysterious wonderful beings, I have always smelled trickery in such claims no matter how sincere and good the individuals promoting them may be. 
My own intuition has always shown me this transition as a long process of change fully dependent on human integrity and determination to drive it forward-despite the support and assistance of fey, angels,  elementals and other unseen forces. 
I almost lost hope a few years ago when the apparent deep conflict between the time left to utter destruction and the time needed for change became impossible to ignore.  But then I discovered that so many more people were awakening and actively involved in creating positive change on all levels and in every country. 
I believe we have to be prepared for the long haul while remaining open to unexpected miracles. Magic is afoot as the old saying goes; -) 

One thing I noticed growing up that might be useful to share is that Ndns are the funniest people on Earth.  Most of them I’ve known have been dirt poor and often living through various types of hell.  But nearly all had an internal integrity and faith that changed the most dire situation into something more. Most were consistently supportive and caring rather than selfish or self absorbed. And most significantly, laughter, joking and play were rarely off the table. 

If we live constantly impatient for perfect, comfortable circumstances to arrive-we aren’t really living. 

But if we can learn to laugh, to spend the hours waiting for family members in life or death surgery telling jokes in the waiting room,  to spend the years of tumultuous change dancing through the wreckage planting seeds and wishing on shooting stars-then I think we will emerge from that river the Hopi Elders were talking about joyfully ready to make the new world as much fun as the journey to get there.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Due to some recent questions via private email, I felt led to clarify a few points in today’s blog post. Most of the people I encounter are, in fact, experiencing evidence of positive trajectories in their lives. Clients, friends, family members … so many of them have recently broken through previous barriers or show signs of imminent release from old bonds and limitations. I see this, feel this and celebrate the shifts. Yet I also realize when talking to friends who have “regular jobs” in “the real world,” that the slice of humanity I encounter on a daily basis represents a relatively small, unusually conscious, highly creative, and determined segment of this world. I have great hope for humanity in that I see and hear — daily — evidence of people stepping into their power, growing their own organic foods, creating spaces for others to shine their creativity, finding alternatives…

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