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Common Dreams Highlights “All Hope is NOT lost” | October 28, 2014

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(Apologies for that Monty Python post with only Common Dreams appeal for donations after my intro. For some reason, WordPress chopped most of my first email instead of publishing it:-/ )

I don’t know how many of my readers are Democrats but those of you who are may relate to my laughter when I received today’s Common Dreams mail. The title proclaims that “It’s not hopeless”. After weeks of receiving one or more emails every day with the completely absurd and obnoxious title of “ALL HOPE IS LOST” from the democratic party I’ve been considering changing my registration to “Anything BUT Democrat”. Partly because they have irritated me so much I never want to look at another email (but just TRY unsubscribing from a political email list! Ugh!)

But also because really, who wants to associate with the losers who have lost ALL HOPE?!?!

I think for most Americans, all hope in our corrupt and broken political system, our corrupt and broken political parties, and anything related to them really may be lost.

The corporations obviously own the government and even the party that usually fights for the people is in on it-sure the corporate worshipping obvious core of the Republican party has been making laws to benefit the oligarchs for decades so they easily look worse-especially lately with this whole 6 years of nothing but obstruction and idiocy.

But there really are reasonable differences between REAL conservative, and real liberal views on how best to solve our country’s problems. Reasonable people on both sides can point to positions of their party that are actually in line with their beliefs.

But can any of us really say our team hasn’t been involved in some of the insanity of serving corporations, warmongers and oligarchs instead of us?

Imho there is PLENTY of hope left in America. Tons! But that hope lies in and with the American people who are aware that it all depends on US.

Not our political system, parties, government, leaders, politicians, or anyone above the grassroots level of personal actions.

We know we can make changes personally and locally. And we know we have to work together to FORCE the needed changes nationally and internationally.

Environmental, human rights, surveillance, GMO’S, healthcare, prosperity, infrastructure-we may disagree on the exact METHODS for solving problems but we all know the problems and the reason for most of them which is concentration of power and wealth into fewer and fewer hands nationally and globally.

Transparency, accountability, and a complete removal of money from politics appear to me to be clear goals of all “sides” at the grassroots, real people level.

We want things to work properly not be stuck, blocked or completely controlled by invisible forces.

Sorry to ramble on but between those awful emails and the wretched mudslinging insanity of our current election I just want to point out this substrate.

The underlying reality beyond all the programming and what the people who own the media want us to think is that we the people are actually in agreement on the fundamentals of what is wrong. We’re just being played into blaming one another instead of the miscreants in power whether obvious or hidden.

I hope this fiasco of endless negative advertising and endless money obsessed emails and other methods of begging for what most of us simply don’t HAVE will galvanize the people to get past the artificially created divisions and work together to create real positive change.

We can disagree and compromise on methods but first we have to clear the obstructions to accomplishing anything.

Whether you call it oligarchy, fascism, or plain old fashioned corruption; money controls our planet through the darkest and most heinous means possible.

Until we stop THAT-and the intensive concentration of wealth that both results from it and reinforces it-we are all going down together.

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