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Orion Magazine | Meet the New Farmers October 30,2014

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Orion Magazine - Nature / Culture / Place
1026.png Young People Change the Face of Farming

Young folks are flocking to farming as a meaningful and rewarding vocation–and while they face some of the same challenges that faced the back-to-the-land movement during the 1960s, today‘s young farmers are meeting them with a new set of tools, including the internet.

Author Lauren Markham meets idealistic farm entrepreneurs in “The New Farmers,” her article in the November/December issue ofOrion, many of whom joined this branch of the food movement because of its ability to build a better world. As one interviewee says: “The more I learned about agriculture, the more I saw it as a tool for change.”

1028.jpg Ring Ring, a Bird Call for You

This week, acoustic ecologist Hank Lentfer sends the latest from his ongoing series “Sounds from Alaska,” which in the past has featured whales, wolves, and more. This time, though, it’s all about the birds.

Lentfer much prefers the ring of a bird call to the ring of a phone call–don’t we all? Give a listen to what Hank’s hearing in his part of Alaska and leave a comment there about who’s “ringing” in your neighborhood these days.

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