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Earthbag Dome Workshop in Chiang Dao

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Wonderful pictorial post on an earthbag building workshop. There are so many natural technologies that solve real world problems inexpensively and sustainably;the information just needs to spread to more people so we can take collective advantage of these things to literally build a better world.


One of our recent workshops was on making an Earthbag Dome.  This was taught by Paulina Wojciechowska of Earth Hands & Houses (EarthHandsAndHouses.org).  Paulina was one of the first people to bring the techniques of earthbag building to Europe, and in fact she wrote the first book on the topic: Building with Earth (Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2001).

I met Paulina in 2011 when I attended one of her Earthbag Dome workshops in a wood in southern England.  I was so impressed and inspired by Paulina and the art and science of earthbag building!  I used many of the skills and ideas from that workshop to create the design of my own rice-husk-bag buildings.

Paulina and I corresponded and met a few times over the next few years, and coming to Thailand to run a workshop was high on our agenda.  Finally, in 2014, everything came together and the workshop…

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