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Truthout Daily Digest Wednesday, 5 November 2014

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Assigning a Cost to BP’s Gulf Oil Spill: Four Years on, Debate Continues

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: With billions of dollars riding on the number, BP has been quick to assert that independent scientific estimates of the amount of oil the Deepwater Horizon spill released are wrong, but slow to offer countervailing evidence.

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Common Core Betrays the Civil Rights Movement

Nicholas Tampio and Yohuru Williams, Truthout: Common Core is harming a generation of young African-Americans by draining educational budgets, narrowing the curriculum and turning students into little test-taking machines. This is no way to advance the civil rights legacy.

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There’s No Republican Mandate for More War

Robert Naiman, Truthout: The best way to thwart big media spin that Republicans have a mandate for more war is to force Republicans to speak on the record – where US citizens can hear them – on whether they support or oppose specific “more war” policies.

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Many Hurdles Ahead Before Countries Can Sign a New World Climate Agreement

Nick Fillmore, Truthout: Release of the United Nation’s most critical report ever on the threat of global warming means that the world’s nations will have to overcome serious hurdles if they are to sign a binding climate deal by the end of 2015.

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Bay Area Protesters Block Israeli Ship at Port of Oakland

Adam Hudson, Post News Group: On October 26, about 200 people blocked the docking of a container ship from the Israeli-owned ZIM shipping company in protest against Israel’s ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip and occupation of the West Bank.

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How Much of a Difference Did New Voting Restrictions Make in Yesterday’s Close Races?

Wendy R. Weiser, Brennan Center for Justice: The Republican electoral sweep in yesterday’s elections has put an end to speculation over whether new laws making it harder to vote in 21 states would help determine control of the Senate this year.

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The Fatal Flaw With Democracy

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: The most depressing thing about this year’s election is probably the fact that we have outsourced our political process to factions. Actual candidates and actual campaigns no longer run the show; billionaires and dark money do.

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The End of the Drug War – or a New Cartel of Cartels?

Benjamin T. Smith, Dissent: Media spin has a long history in Mexico. Now, combined with historical amnesia, it threatens to cover up the return to the state-cartel cooperation status quo. The question is, are US authorities quietly writing their own script for the next phase of the drug war?

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“We Couldn’t Possibly Be Poor”: How a Doctor Fell Into Poverty

Robin Dickinson, YES! Magazine: Suddenly a medical doctor realizes that after a serious illness, her family has fallen into poverty when they found themselves “choosing between rice, oatmeal, or potatoes for every meal.”

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Federal Reserve Policy Keeps Fracking Bubble Afloat and That May Change Soon

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog: Legislation initiated under George W. Bush’s presidency provided near-free money from the Federal Reserve to the fracking industry. Yet the party may soon be over as the Fed has announced a change in policy.

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Gated Communities Lock Cities Into Cycles of Inequality

Séverine Deneulin and Roy Maconachie, The Conversation: The Mexican thriller film, La Zona, offers an alarming insight into life in Latin America, where the urban center populations – and inequality – are skyrocketing.

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2014 National Elections Took Place Amidst Ratcheting Up of Fear That Favors Republicans

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: In the absence of a compelling national vision from Democrats, the GOP was able to revive the war on terrorism as a campaign issue.

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An Election – and a Nation – Lost in Afghanistan and Vietnam

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Fracking Bans Pass in Denton, Texas, Two California Counties and One Ohio Town

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Newsy Ballot Measure Results: An Election 2014 Highlight Reel

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Can Obamacare Survive a Republican-Controlled Senate?

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The New GOP Senate Is Already Gearing Up to Cause Climate Mayhem

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Mark Udall’s Loss Is a Blow for Privacy, but He Can Go Out With a Bang: Leak the CIA Torture Report

Read the Article at The Guardian

Struggling Together With Mothers and Grandmothers Fighting for Justice

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

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