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The Oracle Report | Saturday, November 8 – Sunday, November 9, 2014



The Oracle Report – Saturday, November 8 – Sunday, November 9, 2014

“To Boldly Go…” Scorpio Lunar Cycle Overview – October 22, 2014

Saturday, November 8 – Sunday, November 9, 2014

Full Moon Phase: illumination

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (The Lotus Goddess) with Tara and Shodashi

Skill: see what is being revealed

Negative Imprints: resistance, aggression, fear, feeling responsible for everything, struggle, battles, missed opportunities

Positive Imprints: mysteries revealed, overcoming fear, the spirit of adventure, combining ideas with others, understanding what we value, integrity, courage, rewards, freedom

The Sun released a solar flare a few hours after the Full Moon entered on Thursday. An M2.0 with coronal mass ejection was released at 11:25 pm ET late Thursday night/04:25 am UT early Friday morning. The Moon was at 18 Taurus with the Sabian symbol “a woman airing an old bag through a sunny window.”

The energy of this CME brings up any old thoughts, patterns, beliefs, and habits that have been held inside. This “buildup” limits us. Instead, hold these things up and view them in the clear light that’s available through a sunlit or a moonlit window and see what really holds up. If things still don’t belong, they need to be released or tossed out.

Several hours later yesterday, at 12:26 pm ET/5:26 pm UT, an X1.6 flare was released. It is not known at this writing if a CME was released. Earth was not in the direct line of “impact” but certainly the energetic effects are still felt.

If you have been following the Oracle Report this lunar month, which began on October 24, you know that the Sabian symbol for this month’s energy compares to the vision of “a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists.” With the Full Moon of this cycle, the bus entered a forest with shadows and scenes to captivate the eye.

This weekend, the bus stops and we come to an extraordinarily captivating sight. In front of us, a woman draws aside two gates that are shaped like a lotus that closed an entrance.

“This is Kamala. She is the Goddess Who Expands Us. This is the entrance to her Sacred Pathway. She rarely comes out to allow people to enter. We are greatly blessed by her offering,” the bus driver informs us.

Some of us wonder what kind of “sacred” this offering is. Fear masks our inner courage and desire. Some opt out and decide to walk instead, meeting up at the end of the phase. It has been a taxing journey this month and rest is needed. There is no judgment here. Everyone is on their own sight-seeing journey.

Those that do enter, however, find that Kamala reflects ourselves back to us so that we not only remember who we are, but what we truly value, what we want to have, and what we want to create in our lives and in the world. Kamala reawakens our hearts to what makes us feel alive. We discover that the reward for taking her up on her offer to travel through her path is expanded understanding of ourselves – which leads to new opportunities. Like the Lotus Gate that she opened at the entrance to her domain, Kamala opens us up like a blossoming lotus.

On the mundane level, Saturday’s energy brings a strong desire to be self-sufficient. The Sun is at the degree of “a woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her own child.” This energetic is very empowering, but it can also negate the power of combining, sharing, and nexusing with others, which always enhances things.

Saturday’s energy may be a struggle, as a feeling of being in battle tries to emerge. There are themes of resistance. This may center around needs and the reasons behind needs. There may be a battle of conscience or confusion about going against what one feels is true in the heart. We want to do the right thing, even if that is not what is expected of us. We just can’t go against our grain under this energy. Face things with integrity, knowing the possible consequences and being able to accept them.

Sunday’s energy finds that Kamala’s Sacred Pathway is “a path through the woods rich in autumn coloring,” the Sabian symbol for the Sun on Sunday. It is an explosion of color and beauty. The energies involve reward, harvest, and the signs of change. What is visually catching you? Where are you looking?

On Sunday the Earth will be at the degree of the Full Moon CME – the woman airing the bag through a sunny window. Whatever was happening for you at the Full Moon (Thursday) is likely to return in some way for another visit.

Of course, on Monday, the exact conjunction of Mars to Pluto and square to Uranus will take place. This is already in effect (see yesterday’s report in the Archives atwww.oraclereport.com). It’s aggressive, war-like energy for change that plays out in the microcosm of our lives and the macrocosm of the world – dreams within dreams. It is strong on Sunday, with the heightened alert to be aware of what the minions of the matrix are doing in reaction to the opportunity for war and aggression. This astrological event also reactivates the Grand Cardinal Cross energy that has dominated 2014. Let’s see what comes up from the depths.

I will update over the weekend if any other CMEs are released and I hope you all have a very lotus blossoming-ish weekend.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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