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NorthPoint Astrology Journal November 10 to 16, 2014 Pam Younghans

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Posted Sunday, November 9, 2014
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
November 10 to 16, 2014

By Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras over Murmansk, Russia onNovember 5, 2014 (credit: Nikolay, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

THE PLANETARY ENERGIES this week conspire to push us forward, helping us release attachments to old ways of being. Mars aligns with Pluto in Capricorn on Monday and then squares Uranus on Wednesday, triggering the energies of the Pluto-Uranus square that we’ve been working with for the past three years.

These three planets — Mars, Uranus and Pluto — are each known for their ability to create movement and change. With the three of them joining forces now, we may expect sudden changes of direction, breakthroughs and breakdowns, and unforeseen events that alter our perspective and perhaps our course of action.

THIS IS a significant astrological event, and we may see important developments personally and globally this week. On a personal level, you may already have noticed that you (or others) are more easily irritated now, and that this has increased over the past few days. And, you may be aware of a strong instinctive, gut-level reaction to feeling pressured or being manipulated by other people or by situations.

These feelings are in sync with the effects of this planetary configuration — Uranus and Mars in combination can be just a moment away from a burst of anger. Mars and Pluto represent a simmering pot, just on the edge of boiling.

BUT, this amalgam of Pluto-Uranus-Mars energies is also not unique, having occurred as recently as two years ago, in late November 2012. It was slightly different then, since the Mars-Uranus square came first, followed four days later by the Pluto-Mars alignment. But then, as now, we were working with the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square, and Mars became a trigger for manifestations of that energy.

Looking back at the news headlines in late November 2012, we see the rising anticipation of the ending of the Mayan calendar and what that might mean. We see that typhoon Bopha caused upheaval and destruction in the Philippines that last week of the month. We also see that the UN General Assembly approved a motion granting Palestine non-member observer state status.

The essence of the Mars-Uranus-Pluto effect can be seen in these events: disruptions in the status quo, sudden life-changing events, fears being raised, power struggles and emotions being heightened (we can only imagine the debate that must have occurred among the members of the United Nations). We probably will not have to look very hard to see similar themes in the coming week’s news, even if the faces and places are different.

LOOKING AT THIS planetary event from a different perspective, we are reminded that Uranus and Pluto are both “transpersonal” planets. This means that their energies can be difficult to manage from a personality level, but that we can also utilize those same energies to assist us in aligning with the transcendent qualities of higher consciousness (Uranus) and higher will (Pluto).

As Mars, a personal planet, gets involved in the mix, it can be harder to observe, react, and act from the higher perspective that is required for best use of these energies — but not impossible.

I WAS CURIOUS about the Sabian symbol for the 12th degree of Capricorn, where Pluto and Mars align on Monday. The keyword for that degree is “Exploration” and the symbol reads:

“An illustrated lecture on natural science reveals little-known aspects of life. The ability to explore unfamiliar realms and discover the laws underlying the complex processes of nature.”

In his interpretation of this symbol, astrologer Dane Rudhyar writes:

“It is our essential function to become fully conscious of all life forms and processes on this earth. We are the conscious mind of the planet.”

If we are to fulfill our “essential function,” both as this symbol suggests and these planetary alignments require, we will need to keep our perspective enlightened and our vibration high as we work with the energies this week.

THANKFULLY, we have some help from Mercury and Neptune in that regard. Neptune comes to a standstill on Saturday, having been retrograde (moving backward) since June 9. This means that Neptune’s themes of compassion, creativity and higher love are emphasized this week and next, which should help us as we strive to maintain the higher vibration required for best navigation of the Pluto-Uranus-Mars influence.

Mercury is in harmonious trine aspect to Neptune on Tuesday, the day sandwiched between the two astrologically heavy days. This Mercury-Neptune trine should help us tap into the higher perspective needed, as our conscious minds (Mercury) open to the influence of our high hearts (Neptune).

Then, next Sunday, Mercury aligns with Pallas Athene and forms a sextile aspect with Pluto. These are also positive indicators, supporting our openness to insights and our ability to perceive meanings beyond the obvious interpretations of physical reality.

A LAST WORD, about the Saturn-Venus alignment on Wednesday, the same day as the Uranus-Mars square occurs. We must assume that the influence of this alignment will be woven into our experience of the day’s energies, and so are somehow integral to the breakthrough/breakdown effect of Uranus-Mars.

Venus represents affection and relationships, our resources and our values (including self-worth), our art forms and our appreciation of beauty. As Venus joins energies with Saturn, we are likely to take these issues very seriously. We may come to a new understanding of our true needs in any of these areas, and therefore reassess our commitments.

Perhaps this new understanding drives the breakthroughs we anticipate with the Uranus-Mars influence. Or perhaps breakdowns in these areas allow the new understanding to be reached. Either way, the teacup and the saucer are part of a matching set on Wednesday — and if the tea spills over, we’ll be cleaning up for the next two days at least, as Venus forms challenging aspects Pluto on Thursday and with Uranus on Friday.


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