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President Obama’s FULL Address To The Nation on Immigration (11-20-14)

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Thank you Jean! When I read that the mainstream media refused to broadcast this speech, I knew it was done in defiance of the cabal, the corporations, banks etc. I was curious what our President could say that would warrant broadcasters relinquishing their licenses t broadcast over American airwaves (because the law was that broadcasting public service such as government announcements, speeches, elections and emergency announcements was required to maintain a broadcast license-perhaps the corporate lackeys in Congress changed it though?)

I found nothing objectionable in his speech except that it could very easily become a vast trap for those who do attempt to be responsible, as has happened in the past.

I have long maintained that as long as the 1% can move money freely across borders while human beings are constrained by those borders, the human race will remain enslaved to the robber barons that currently hold power.

Either money must again become constrained by national borders, or people must become free to move as easily as money.

It is unconscionable to punish the poor who move to escape violence and poverty, while giving”bailouts” to the monsters that CAUSE that violence and poverty.

At least our President understands this even if no one else in Washington D.C. does!

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