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Lee Harris: November 21st 2014 Energy Update: ‘Electrifed Living – Peace lies in the deep of the ocean’

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Thank you Jean! This message needs to be seen by so many of us. Instead of cursing the turbidity of the water clouding our vision, we can bless the fertility that same mud, raised all around us by this flood stage of universal energy, is bringing to the soil of our lives.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Friday, 21 November, 2014

This past 2 weeks, the energy has seen a lot of us deep-diving. Diving down into the depths of ourselves – our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs, our patterns, our life journey. Soul diving.

It’s as if an electric current is pulsing through your body, wiring and firing you to awaken, awaken, awaken. More and more and more. To shed and cleanse, to release and intend.Peace comes, clarity comes, followed by challenge, distraction, emotion, disorientation, restlessness. A feeling that things must be going wrong, or need to be changed and quickly.Yet you do not have the energy to make the changes in the timescale you feel you need to.

This is electricity, moving through your energy field and the field of the collective.This is the electrified living of these times, bringing us all to clearing.

It can be relentless – it can make you mad, bring you to sadness…

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