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Truthout Daily Digest Friday, 21 November 2014

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School of the Americas Morphs Into US Training Industrial Complex

JP Sottile, Truthout: Twenty-five years after an infamous massacre of six Jesuits at the hands of its graduates, activists still demand closure of School of the Americas (SOA). Yet, since SOA was “officially closed” and reopened the next year with a new name, a worldwide US network of training that amounts to a vast satellite campus system of military influence and power is the “new” School of the Americas.

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Obama Announces Order Allowing Millions of Undocumented Immigrants Safety, for Now

Bethania Palma Markus, Truthout: President Obama announced Thursday he’s issuing an executive order that will allow some 5.2 million immigrants the right to live and work legally in the United States by expanding a program and extending protections to parents with children who are US citizens or green card holders.

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Utah Tries Where Congress Fails to Keep NSA Within Constitution

Michael Boldin, Truthout: A Utah state representative is fed up with waiting for Congress to stop NSA snooping and is pushing a bill to halt operations at its recently opened Bluffdale facility by cutting off water.

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On Modernizing the US Nuclear Arsenal

David Krieger, Truthout: Why modernize the US nuclear arsenal? The US government should instead fulfill its legal obligations under the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and end the nuclear weapons era through diplomacy and negotiations.

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Chief Tax-Dodging Officers

Scott Klinger and Sarah Anderson, OtherWords: Hiding profits in tax havens is one of the most common ways large corporations avoid paying their fair share to the IRS. And indeed, the 31 firms who paid their CEOs more than Uncle Sam operate 237 subsidiaries in low- or no-tax zones. But that’s just one tax-dodging trick.

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Edelman TransCanada Leak: Aggressive PR for Keystone Alternative

Lisa Graves, PR Watch: Leaked documents expose a plan by Edelman for TransCanada to launch an “aggressive” US-style politics PR campaign to persuade Canadians to support a Canada-based alternative to the stalled Keystone XL pipeline to get controversial tar sands oil to refineries in eastern Canada for export.

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Elizabeth Warren: “Enough Is Enough” With Obama’s Wall Street Appointees

Richard Eskow, Campaign for America’s Future: Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been talking about President Obama’s economic appointees, and it sounds like she’s pretty fed up. The White House has begun blocking tax inversions and has publicly denounced the practice, but its position is undercut when it appoints someone like Antonio Weiss.

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Fossil Free Canada Convergence Deepens an International Movement

Kate Aronoff, Waging Nonviolence: Last weekend, the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition hosted the first-ever Fossil Free Canada Convergence. Held at Concordia and McGill Universities in Montreal, the convergence brought together 80 youth organizers from around the country.

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Secret Tapes Hint at Turmoil in New York Fed Team Monitoring JPMorgan

Jake Bernstein, ProPublica: Revelations of internal strife add new details to the summary of an investigation by the Federal Reserve Board’s inspector general into the New York Fed’s supervision of JPMorgan before the “London Whale” trading scandal.

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Paul Krugman | Anxieties Over Interest Rates

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Let us celebrate the IMF’s willingness to look honestly at its own record and learn from it. Taking responsibility for your actions and statements is all too rare in modern economic discourse. The Fund, it turns out, is better than that, and deserves praise.

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Latin America Moves Towards Decarbonizing the Economy

Fabiola Ortiz, Inter Press Service: When the advances made toward curbing global warming are analyzed in the first 12 days of December in Lima, during the 20th climate conference, Latin America will present some achievements, as well as the many challenges it faces in its “decarbonizing development.”

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The BuzzFlash Commentary will return soon.

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The Undoing of Bill Cosby

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