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Truthout Daily Digest Saturday, 22 November 2014 (Warning-Triggering top headline)

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Tortured and Raped by Israel, Persecuted and Imprisoned by the United States

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: The conviction of leading Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh, 67, could set a troublesome precedent if evidence from a military court in a foreign country, in this case Israel, is allowed to stand in a US court.

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The History of a Dangerous Idea: Mark Blyth Talks Austerity, Greece and the Global Economic Crisis

Michael Nevradakis, Truthout: The economist and author Mark Blyth discusses the historical origins of austerity as an economic idea and the catastrophe of previous attempts to enforce austerity policies.

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The Moral Trauma of “21st Century Warriors”

Edward Tick, Truthout: Though physically not in danger, US drone operators are not safe and are in harm’s way. They have severe difficulties in their service, are in deep pain and break down with post-traumatic stress disorder to significant degrees as a direct result of their physical immunity.

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Building a Racially Just Society: Psychological Insights

Roy Eidelson, Mikhail Lyubansky, and Kathie Malley-Morrison, Psychology Today: Michael Brown’s tragic death, the anguish of his family and the turmoil within his community are all salient reminders that the United States is still far from being a racially just and equitable society.

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Want to See How Governments Are Making Real Progress? Look to the Cities Tackling Our Biggest Problems

Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine: If you’ve been looking to the federal government for action on big challenges such as poverty, climate change and immigration, this has been a devastating decade. Look instead to cities, where new energy is transforming them into hotbeds of democracy and progressive innovation.

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The Poor Suffer From Hunger – Not the Munchies

Jill Richardson, OtherWords: Drug testing for food stamps wastes taxpayer money and stigmatizes economic hardship. Very few people facing poverty have the luxury to dabble in drugs. If you’re poor enough to qualify for food stamps, you’re really poor.

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A Textbook Example of an Employer’s Campaign to Destroy a Union

Moshe Z. Marvit, In These Times: If you’d like a sense of what an employer’s campaign to try to destroy a union looks like in the 21st century, take a look at a recent National Labor Relations Board decision against the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where it was ruled the hospital engaged in a series of discriminatory practices against workers who have been trying to organize a union since 2012.

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Arts Students Are Motivated More by Love of Subject Than Money or Future Careers

Anya Skatova, The Conversation: Universities should provide arts and humanities students with more focus in their undergraduate courses that can make them more structured in achieving their career goals.

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Women Rising 26: A Ride on the People’s Climate Train

Making Contact, National Radio Project: In September 2014, Women Rising radio rode the People’s Climate train coast to coast, with over 200 activists heading to New York City to join the largest climate change march in history.

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The BuzzFlash Commentary will return soon.

Don’t Expect an Aztec Spring With Mexico Protests, Analysts Warn

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In a Shift, Obama Extends US Role in Afghan Combat

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Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Has Mastered a Disappearing Act Since Shooting

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The White House Will Focus on Women and Girls of Color; Here’s How to Make It Count

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GOP-Controlled Intelligence Committee Debunks Benghazi Conspiracies

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Hottest October on Record Puts Planet on Track for Hottest Year Ever

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Five Guantánamo Inmates Are Sent to Eastern Europe

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