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Day 6 Of Winter Storm Knife (3 iPad Images)

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I’m so grateful to read the prayers helped! So glad that everyone there was ok this afternoon when this was posted. Thank you to everyone who prayed!

Heaven On Earth

imageBeLoved Friends, how do I express to you my deep and utter gratitude for all you have done for us? It is not possible to do so. My Heart has been touched so many times reading your comments that my eyes have leaked, running with waters. I and my family are now in day 6 of this Winter Storm Knife and we are feeling it.

Both my husband and I have lost weight, between 3-5 pounds. Yes we are eating, yet between the high stress level and the heavy work we have done, we lost weight. Our legs at times want to give out, feeling so weak and shaky. I’ve been talking to mine, gently reminding them how strong and healthy they are so they will not collapse. My hands at times tremble. I’ve been dealing with panic and at times I feel this deep scream just wanting to rip…

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One thought on “Day 6 Of Winter Storm Knife (3 iPad Images)

  1. Thank you and Bless you for this reblog. I actually have one last post stating the Miraculous Outcome of this storm. I am deeply touched by your concern. Love, Amy

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