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Ciudad Vieja del San Diego: Parte Uno~

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Thank you Cindy! As always your ability of capturing the vivid colours and patterns, and the locus genii of a place on film is spectacular.

Where I live was also long ago part of the Aztlan Empire, and we have a lot of influences and people from there-even though we are not so close to the border. Something about subtropical climate and vivid, creative colours seem designed to go together.

I was born in San Diego.
It is a cultural crossroad, the most southwestern US city that shares a border with Mexico.
The phenomenal artistic influence of Mexico is everywhere, which is probably why I so love the creative use of vibrant color.
Mexicans owned this territory, long before we ever got here, and before we subsequently declared many of them “illegal immigrants”.
Old Town in San Diego celebrates Mexican art, food, and culture.
It preserves many of the area’s original adobe ranchos, as well as the old pioneer homesteads, which I will show you in the next post.
Cheers to you from San Diego’s vibrant multi-cultural crossroads.

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One thought on “Ciudad Vieja del San Diego: Parte Uno~

  1. Hugz to you my dear friend! ❤

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