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How to start a chain of blessings with one easy step

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I love being reminded of this sort of thing:-) I’ve been wanting for a while now to start a chain of blessings by helping people learn to grow food. Starting seeds, sharing baby plants and knowledge about caring for them. I have been thinking about it often for years-but being stuck mostly in bed and isolated the practical outcomes of this idea eluded me. The other day on a rare outing I saw something amazing in the local library: a flyer about FREE Seeds and gardening assistance, and neighborhood gardens project a local group is partnering with our city and libraries to help people (especially in our low income “challenge area”) to grow fresh healthy food.
As Jeff Goldblum once said in Jurassic Park “Life ALWAYS Finds a Way! “. The Universe found a way to make my dream come true even without my knowledge or participation. How cool is that? !;-)

Pam Grout

“When you believe something, you have made it true for you.”—A Course in Miracles

If you’ve read my books or talked to me for more than say, 15 minutes, you already know I’m a HUGE fangirl of A Course in Miracles. It probably sounds more dignified to say “I’m a student of the Course,” but who wants to be dignified. Certainly not this dancing fool.

Besides the quote at the top of this post, I also read this passage (I’m paraphrasing) from the Course this morning: “Your safety, peace and joy are totally beyond question except by you. In fact, any perceived problems are not problems of fact. They are problems of understanding.”

So one of my goals is to change our understanding of the world. I’ve also called it changing the dominant paradigm. So here’s a little story I heard when I was in the Okanagan Valley the…

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