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Why I’m the luckiest person on the Planet, Episode 13

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Thank you Pam! I love this! Pam’s books are full of good stuff like this-practical ideas on how to reprogram your life from the struggle and misery to the awesome. But this is the core, the main deal-What you look for you will find. Like Robert Anton Wilson’s looking for quarters exercise from Prometheus Rising, this is the direct way to show yourself how very wrong the old model of “reality” (a word Wilson frequently reminded us should always be in quotes) really is.

Pam Grout

“Do not try to limit what you see by your narrow little beliefs.”—A Course in Miracles

Some people collect sports cars. Others collect rare and expensive wine. I collect quotes. They’re much easier to carry around.

Today, for example, I added the above quote to my collection as well as these two gems from A Course in Miracles:

“I will receive whatever I request.”


“It is as true now as it ever will be.”

So the reason I’m feeling so lucky is because other people are starting to quote little ole me. They’re even making cute little internet images. Nick Ortner, the tapping guru who just announced he’s about to have a new little tapping maestro (congratulations, Nick and Brenna!!) got thousands of likes for the “Something amazingly awesome….” quote.

I’ve talked about my A.A. 2.0. program many times, but for those who are new to the party, here’s…

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