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Truthout Daily Digest Thursday, 11 December 2014

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I’m amazed at the geyser of “Disclosure” tales in the news of late! So much that has been hidden continues to be uncovered with light shining into all the hidden crevices of criminality, debauchery and corruption in many countries.

Mindful of Laura’s warnings about the possibility of much we see being pushed to our awareness as part of tactics of manipulation; I wonder how much of what we see is really rooting out the sins of the powerful?

The astrology has been described as favouring the exposure of hidden crimes during several years of our current period. So my guess is the majority is real, but the level of hype or focus may be deliberately amped up to facilitate “manufacturing consent”.

It does seem like a bad time to be a powerful criminal though. No matter why, the majority are discovering so much long hidden. It’s my observation that this process is occurring as the astrology predicted both in the small, local, personal sphere as well as the global stage.

It’s hard to take day after day though, isn’t it?

Don’t forget to get out into nature! Listen to birds, watch the sunrise, play in the snow or just take a walk. Any time we disconnect from the electronic world and just let ourselves be fully present in the moment it is healing. It helps restore our internal peace and connection to life and all living beings.

The tides of history are long and often excruciatingly slow for individuals. But in the long term the mess we are living through is leading to a better world.

I’m often too ill to write much, or to read and comment on friends posts (which I miss a lot more than writing my own!). But I think of you whose blogs I read and I keep everyone in prayer.

I’m in awe of everyone creating this global community both online and off. Despite the negative news we truly are living through amazing and magical changes.

I used to think we had to have huge uprisings to change the world-getting enough people to agree and work together on exact issues. I developed despair when it became apparent that getting humans to do that *enough* is like herding cats.

But people are changing the world by reading one another’s thoughts and stories; by creating direct solutions to problems; by bonding in friendship across political and national boundaries, and many other seemingly “small” acts.

Sorry to ramble on a bit. After reading today’s Truthout I felt it needed a “Don’t let the bastards wear you down” intro.

No matter how much horror is revealed, the sum total of loving, kind and generous acts will always be much greater.

How do I know this?

The human species still exists.

If it were not so our extinction would have occurred long ago. That our core is loving kindness means that we may just dodge it this time too!:-)


William Rivers Pitt | The Rank, Reeking Horror of Torturing Some Folks

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: Bush said it didn’t happen. Cheney said it did. And Obama said those who tortured are patriots, and those who call it wrong are sanctimonious. Meanwhile, everyone walked. That, right there, is why this whole nightmare came to be.

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What They Haven’t Told Us About the European Financial Crisis

Michael Nevradakis, Truthout: University of Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang, author of 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism, discusses the ongoing financial crisis in Europe, the economic situation in Greece, the myths surrounding the crisis and the new economic bubble, which he argues is about to burst.

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Fighting for Farm Workers at Our Dinner Tables

Jennifer Keys Adair, Truthout: The movie Food Chains should dramatically raise our collective consciousness – and conscience – about how our food is produced. We need to establish a “slave-free” section at our supermarkets.

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Report on CIA Torture Shows Need for Limiting Military Force Against ISIS

Robert Naiman, Truthout: In the absence of greater agitation, limitation and oversight, the national security establishment is likely to get worse, not better, in terms of its accountability to democratic control and the rule of law.

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Faith Inc. and Criminal Justice Reform

Kay Whitlock, Critical Mass Progress: Do faith-based programs work better than programs sponsored by the government or secular community-based organizations? That depends on how effectiveness is assessed, what questions are asked and from what vantage point.

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“These Are Crimes”: New Calls to Prosecute Bush Administration as Senate Report Reveals Brutal CIA Torture

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: “In light of the release of the Senate torture report, Reed Brody, counsel and spokesperson for Human Rights Watch, says, “When individuals commit torture, we call on those countries to hold the abusers to account.” So far, however, the only one charged with a crime is the whistleblower who exposed the CIA program.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Is the Koch Brothers’ Curriculum Coming to Your Child’s School?

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: It’s bad enough that the Koch brothers have a stranglehold on our democracy and political system, courtesy of our Supreme Court. We don’t need them in our classrooms, too.

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How the President Who Pledged to Banish Nuclear Weapons Is Enabling Their Renewal

James Carroll, TomDispatch: In order to get the Senate Republicans to ratify the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, Obama laid the groundwork for a vast “modernization” of the US nuclear arsenal, which is already morphing into a full-blown reinvention of the arms cache at an estimated future cost of more than $1 trillion.

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When Charter Schools Are Nonprofit in Name Only

Marian Wang, ProPublica: Some charters pass along nearly all their money to for-profit companies hired to manage the schools. It’s an arrangement that’s raising eyebrows.

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Twenty Key Findings From the Senate Report on CIA Torture

Staff, Moyers & Company: After months of wrangling with intelligence officials, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a summary of its 6,700-page report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation programs under President George W. Bush. Here are the key findings.

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Would You Rather Get Your Water From Your City Government – or From a Corporation?

Michelle Chen, The Nation: Detroit’s water crisis may seem like an anomaly, but we may soon see more resource crises nationwide if pro-business officials decide water isn’t so much an essential entitlement as it is a commodity to be traded like corn and crude oil.

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Call Congress to Oppose Back-Room Wall Street Deal

Isaiah J. Poole, Campaign for America’s Future: Activists are calling for an all-out pushtoday to stop a back-room deal that would reopen the Wall Street derivatives casino that caused so much damage in 2008, leaving taxpayers stuck with the bill for cleaning up the mess.

Read the Article and Watch the Video


Marissa Alexander: The Rippling Impact of Injustice and Imprisonment

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: With the highest rate of imprisonment in the world, the United States uses incarceration as a form of social cleansing and bias against people of color, as well as poor people, gender-nonconforming people and people with mental illness.

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Cheney Throws Bush Under the Bus on Torture Program

Read the Article at Talking Points Memo

Elizabeth Warren Leads Liberal Rebellion on Spending Bill

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The Militarized Divide in This Shattered Nation

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Rumain Brisbon Is Just the Latest to Be Shot Dead by a Cop Over a Phantom Gun

Read the Article at Mother Jones

Only Half of Global Banks Have Policy to Respect Human Rights

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“Corrupt, Toxic and Sociopathic”: Glenn Greenwald Unloads on Torture, CIA and Washington’s Rotten Soul

Read the Article at Salon

Sen. Udall Discloses CIA Findings on Torture and Blasts Obama’s Inaction

Read the Article at The Nation

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