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I wasn’t going to repost this but when I shared it on Facebook a friend had just shared something that blew me away.  

(You have to click thru to Pam’s blog and read the whole post especially the comments-the constant amazing verification everyone is getting will blow you away too!) 

A few days ago the news was really depressing to me.  After an amazing E Squared verification of my own just a few days before involving the Universe sending me mittens,  I mentioned to a friend how even though I love the mittens and their magical appearance,  my apparent helplessness in the face of the big stuff is still overwhelming.  

I said, sure the Universe can send me mittens and my hands are warm but my friends are still fighting huge multinational corporations who are turning their ancestral lands into horrible blackened moonscapes with tar sands mining and clearcuts for pipelines.  Why won’t the Universe stop the bad guys that are destroying everything? 

So like three or four days pass and just now I saw an article one of those friends just shared. It basically says oil prices are crashing,  likely to stay low for long enough to disrupt the profits of the corporations my friends are fighting.  

Yay Universe! 🙂   Lost profits can accomplish in one year what 20 years of protests have yet to achieve.  (Tar sands oil and fracked gas are both more expensive in energy used to mine than they produce in energy to use, so they are no good except as a government subsidized profit stream for multinationals.  So when profits fall low enough they become unviable investments. ) 

Thank you Universe!  Thank you Pam! 

Can you all imagine how amazing and wonderful things will be when more people are doing this?  

How many of us have wished we could help others in bad situations far away (or nearby)? 

What if trillions of dollars of American bombs and soldiers are not needed to stop ISIL, and help the people suffering in all these wars? What if our love and compassion, and the Universe abundant nature are enough? 

What if (insert your own most worried about seemingly intractable problems here)? 

What if this is the Christmas when everyone  wishes for Peace on Earth – and it really happens?

Pam Grout

“If you can’t be present right now, nothing new is ever going to happen to you.”—Richard Rohr

Had a great time with the penguins at 21C Hotel in Bentonville, Arkansas. Got back just in time to attend an Ugly Christmas sweater party and, of course, my Sunday power posse.

We were talking this morning about thoughts, about where they come from (does anyone really know?) and the importance of being in the present moment. Frank made the observation that when he was busy fretting about something that happened yesterday or worrying about a bill coming due tomorrow, Jesus could walk by, glowing and everything, and he’d never even notice.

I also got a kick out of a couple manifestation stories shared by members. Especially in light of the fact that we’re fast approaching the E-Cubed Selfie Challenge with, yes, lots of cool prizes. All three of these manifestations happened in…

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