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Common Dreams Highlights Thursday, 18 December 2014

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Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

News & Views | 12.18.14


Report: Secret CIA Document Admits US Drone Program “Counterproductive”
by Jon Queally
Document published by Wikileaks reveals agency’s own internal review found key counter-terrorism strategy “may increase support” for the groups it targets.


‘A Slap in the Face’: Vermont Gov. Jumps Ship on Single-Payer Healthcare
by Deirdre Fulton
Proponents of state’s trailblazing effort to build universal healthcare system slam governor for abandoning plan he once championed.
Chevron Halts Arctic Drilling Plans ‘Indefinitely’
by Andrea Germanos
Decision “further proof that technical challenges of drilling in icy waters, where a spill is all but inevitable,” said Farrah Khan of Greenpeace Canada.
US/NATO Building “New Berlin Wall” by Expanding Military Footprint: Putin
by Jon Queally
Russian President Vladimir Putin takes questions on wide-ranging set of issues, but strongest remarks reserved for foreign attack on nation’s economy and expansion of NATO.
Good News for Greece’s Anti-Austerity Left as First Round Election Fails
by Jon Queally
Initial round parliamentary elections, out of three, failed to garner enough votes for any party to win. If upcoming votes also fail, leftwing Syriza Party will get chance at popular vote and best opportunity yet to jettison austerity agenda.
Wealth Gap Between Rich and Poor Americans Highest on Record
by Sarah Lazare
New analysis from Pew Research Center finds that economic gains of the wealthiest continue to soar as the middle-class and low-income families face chronic stagnation.
Judge Exonerates 14-Year-Old Boy Executed in 1944
by Nadia Prupis
George Stinney, Jr. did not receive fair trial in murder case in Jim Crow south, judge says.
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We Can Ban Fracking, New York Paves the Way
by Wenonah Hauter
The decision in New York will have a ripple effect across the country and act to strengthen efforts against fracking nationwide.
Vermont’s Governor Sadly Has It Wrong. Now IS the Time for Single-Payer Everywhere
by Andy Coates
Vermonters throughout the state understand that an equitable health care system must be truly universal and must remove all financial barriers to medically necessary care.
Why the US-Cuba Deal Really Is a Victory for the Cuban Revolution
by Tom Hayden
The hostile US policy, euphemistically known as “regime change,” has been thwarted. The Cuban Communist Party is confidently in power.
“Cuban Five” at Heart of US-Cuba Deal
by Marjorie Cohn
Without the release of the Cuban Five, Cuba would never have freed Alan Gross. And Obama could not have undertaken what ten presidents before him refused to do.
If It’s True on Cuba, It’s True on Iran
by Trita Parsi, Ryan Costello
Almost everything the president said about the failure of America’s Cuba policy could be said of our policy on Iran.
Obama and the Beginning of the End of the Cuban Embargo
by Amy Goodman
The failed United States policy against Cuba, which has for more than half a century stifled relations between these neighboring countries and inflicted generations of harm upon the Cuban people, may finally be collapsing.
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