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Ritual for Connecting with Your Ancestors

Thank you for posting this. It is so beautifully written that it brought tears to my eyes while reading. Bringing up the deep awareness of this sacred connection we all have, but which is too often lost or forgotten amidst the rush and bustle of modern electronic dominated life. I’m looking forward to your post tomorrow!

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Image from Becoming Ursa Image from Becoming Ursa

“When we have passed a certain age, the soul of the child that we were and the souls of the dead from whom we sprang come and shower upon us their riches and their spells, asking to be allowed to contribute to the new emotions which we feel and in which, erasing their former image, we recast them in an original creation.”
~ Marcel Proust, The Captive & The Fugitive

“You are the fairy tale told by your ancestors.”
~Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

2015 is almost upon us.

It’s going to be a big year for many. A positive year. A year where everything changes.

Years ago, when I lived in the Kimberley, my Aboriginal Aunties taught me how to call on and connect with my Ancestors. Doing that changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. There is so much…

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The Oracle Report | Monday, December 22, 2014



“The Mass Turn” – Capricorn 2014 Lunar Cycle: December 21, 2014 – January 19, 2015


“The Black Moon Transit of Virgo: November 27, 2014 – August 25, 2015”


Monday, December 22, 2014

New Moon Phase: beginnings

Moon in Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Skill: watch

Negative Imprint: disconnection; commitment issues; worries; superficial relationships; escaping into fantasy; fear; carelessness; bombs and bombardment

Positive Imprint: messages of peace and harmony; enthusiasm; carefree spirit; self-discipline; broad overviews, gentle communications; desire for contentment and companionship; power of observation

Mighty Uranus, the Lord of Lightning, takes hold of Venus and Pluto today, which means changes for us.

Uranus stationed direct with the New Moon in Capricorn overnight, which is a signal for change in and of itself. But Uranus was in an astrological square to Venus and Pluto, which were conjunct (at the same place in the sky) at the New Moon.

Uranus has been retrograde since July 21, 2014. When a planet stations retrograde, it is like pulling back the sling on a slingshot. When the planet has pulled back as far as it can, it releases and the refined energy floods the field of consciousness.

Uranus brings swift change to put us where we need to be. Together, Venus and Pluto’s themes involve relationships, values, money, sexuality, displays of power, and deep connections and creations from the Great Void. These are the areas undergoing intensive change and transformation right now, quite noticeably today.

Because Uranus is so electric, like lightning in a bottle, when it is unleashed it is can be very, very dramatic. It’s wild, unpredictable, and oftentimes shocking. The changes it brings – internally and externally – make profound impact on our lives.

All of that said, Uranus’ forward movement is almost in that state of pause or momentary stop before it shoots forward because the energetics of the Earth today inhibit forward movement to some degree. A sort of limbo hangs in the air. So we may not see the full power of Uranus stationing direct until tomorrow.

Venus’ energy today also tries to bring vitality – life force – back to us. It’s energy for restoration and regeneration. This is primarily focused on restoration and regeneration of our physical bodies, but creative projects, ideas, and work also benefit.

“The point of power is in the present moment” as the Seth Books by Jane Roberts tell us, so a hanging pause in the air gives us more time to see the reality of things. Wise owls remain watchful while the energy is in pause, fully aware that what’s going on at the same time is restoration and regeneration.

At the core level, restoration and regeneration with all that is aligned with the true values of freedom, love, beauty, expression, and ingenuity is happening. Like a bolt of lightning, the power of these things is being unleashed on the world to set things straight. Today, we watch.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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NorthPoint Astrology Journal | December 22 to 28, 2014 | Pam Younghans

Posted Sunday, December 21, 2014
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
December 22 to 28, 2014

By Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras over Kvaløya, Tromsø, Norway on December 14, 2014 (credit: Harald Albrigtsen, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

AS URANUS completes its retrograde phase and comes to a standstill today (Sunday, December 21), we each have a greater-than-usual capacity to focus on what defines us as a unique individual on the planet, as well to perceive how that uniqueness benefits the whole. Uranian themes also involve liberation, and while the planet is in Aries (2010-2019), we are being challenged to free ourselves from the fears that have held us back from being proactive in some area of our lives.

Uranus has been retrograde (moving backward) since July 21 of this year, providing the energetic support for us to come to new levels of awareness, both of our own needs and desires, and of our place in the cosmos. As Uranus now begins forward motion and picks up speed over the coming weeks, we will be more supported in courageously taking action based on those illuminations and truths we have discovered or received.

ANOTHER major event of the week occurs on Tuesday, when Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Although I consider all the planets to be our teachers, Saturn is perhaps most suited to be called The Teacher, since its lessons include responsibility, discipline, practicality, self-sufficiency, and self-respect — the foundational qualities for a productive life.

While Saturn has been in Scorpio (since October 2012), the ringed planet has been requiring us to take responsibility for our use of truth and power. We’ve seen concrete results of what happens when we keep secrets, manipulate and coerce, and let our well-being be derailed by suspicions and distrust.

We’ve had opportunities to see what happens when we choose the dark instead of the light, and vice versa. We hopefully leave this Saturn-in-Scorpio time more aware of our own unconscious patterning, and less controlled (disempowered) by it.

NOW, as Saturn enters Sagittarius, the lesson plan shifts. Over the next two years, we will be called to weed out the ancient, outdated beliefs of “right and wrong,” to observe where we tend to be judgmental, where we feel self-righteous, and where we need to be more openminded.

We may see challenges and restructuring within religious organizations and international corporations while Saturn is in Sagittarius, since these are areas “ruled” by the sign. For some, there may be a crisis of faith or ethics as it becomes clear that an old world view no longer suffices.

WE CONTINUE to feel the influence of the Pluto-Uranus square this week — and, actually, for the next three months! Although the aspect was exact on December 14, the two planets are both moving slowly, and will remain within 1 degree of being exactly square (90 degrees apart) until early April.

In other words, we will be working with the themes of transformation and liberation in very tangible ways over the next 90 days at least. This week, those themes may come especially apparent on Wednesday, when Mercury steps into the Pluto-Uranus energy field.

MERCURY represents our conscious minds, our ability to communicate, and our capacity for learning. With the Uranus-Mercury square on Wednesday, we are challenged to think in new ways, to liberate our consciousness and to allow new neural pathways to be created.

With this aspect, especially, we should be prepared to be flexible. Things rarely go according to plan when Uranus is involved, so expect detours, miscommunications, and plenty of static electricity — both literally and symbolically.

AT THE SAME TIME that this heightened energy is making our hair stand on end, Mercury aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. This planetary combination puts the power of our convictions behind our words, and puts words to our instinctive reactions.

In other words, if you’re getting together with family for the holidays, you may find the conversations and interactions even more memorable than usual! On the positive side, let’s call this an opportunity to feel more empowered — except that the greater strength may come not from needing to gain control of the conversation, but from knowing our truth internally, without needing to convince others that we are right.

It may help to check in with what is motivating our words before we speak this week. Are we truly wanting to share an inspired thought with openminded others, and are we equally open to hearing their thoughts and ideas? Or, are the words tumbling out instinctively and unconsciously, without prior consideration for how the room (and we) will feel once the words have been unleashed and are roaming at will?

OUR TELECLASS covering the first six months of 2015 is just two weeks from this Thursday! My class on January 8 is called “At the Door of a New Age” — and I’m excited to talk with you about the possibilities that lie ahead of us in the new year.

To help you get the most from the class, your registration confirmation email will include a pdf of monthly calendars I’ll be using during the class. If you’d like to print the calendars before the class airs, you can then take notes directly on the calendars as you listen to the class, either live or by replay.

The full class description is below, so please read on if you would like more information. Or, if you’re ready to sign up for the class, here’s the link:


At the Door of a New Age
Your astrology guide for January to June 2015

A 90-minute teleclass with Astrologer Pam Younghans and Wellness Educator Elsie Kerns

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Live broadcast: 4pm PST | 5pm MST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST

Also available by download after class airs | Fee: $25

THE FIRST 6 MONTHS OF 2015 hold enormous potential for spiritual growth and creative change, as the planets challenge each of us to make a quantum leap in some area of our lives.

We’ve been working with the transformational energies of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square for 3 years now. By the end of 2014, we will have experienced the exact aspect 6 times. But in each of those exact aspects, either Pluto or Uranus has been retrograde, leaving us to balance the need to resolve issues from the past with a strong desire to leap into the future.

March 16, 2015 is the date of the 7th and final exact square between Pluto and Uranus – and on that date, both planets will be in forward motion. In other words, it’s all systems go, full speed ahead!

In this 90-minute teleclass, I’ll explain more about what this final Pluto-Uranus square means, and how it relates to the title of the class, “At the Door of a New Age.” I’ll also talk about other exciting and potentially life-changing events in the first 6 months of 2015:

  • The highly-energized line-up of planets in mid-March, which sees Mars aligning with Uranus and both planets trine Jupiter, right before the final Pluto-Uranus square – and just days before an eclipse and the solstice
  • The Total Solar Eclipse on March 20 in the very last degree of the zodiac (29 degrees of Pisces), indicating a time of completion and the need to release old definitions of spirituality
  • The Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4 that activates more events related to the Pluto-Uranus-Mars-Jupiter line-up in March
  • The first months of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius, and its return to Scorpio on June 14

I’ll also cover the significance of the New and Full Moons for each month, as well as Mercury’s retrograde phases, and other highlights of the first half of 2015. As before, the slideshow will include monthly calendars showing the most important planetary aspects.

I hope you can join us, either “live” as the class airs, or by download afterward!

To register: http://pam2015.eventbrite.com


NorthPoint Astrology Blog: To read occasional posts and add your comments, please visithttp://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/. See you there!

To Subscribe to the NorthPoint Journal: If you have been forwarded this issue of the NorthPoint Astrology Journal and would like to receive it directly every week, please click hereto access the “Journal” page of Pam’s website. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, fill out the subscription form, and click on Submit.

Highlighted Aspects for This Week .
MON: Saturn semisquare Venus;TUE: Saturn enters Sagittarius; WED:Uranus square Mercury, Mars trine North Node, Pluto conjunct Mercury;THU: Chiron sextile Mercury; FRI :Saturn semisquare Mercury, Neptune semisquare Venus, Uranus square Vesta, Neptune sextile Sun;SAT: Pluto conjunct Vesta, Jupiter quincunx Venus; SUN: Jupiter sesquisquare Sun, Saturn conjunct Pallas Athene
About the Journal

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights that will assist you in utilizing current energies to enhance your life experience and accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

Astrology Readings
To schedule your personal astrology reading with Pam, please e-mail pam.

Or, see the “Readings” page atwww.northpointastrology.com
to learn more about personal astrology readings.

Gift certificates are available.
Give the gift of Astrology this holiday season!

Please feel free to share
this NorthPoint Journal with people you think may enjoy it. When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including our contact and copyright information.
Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 21 December 2014


While Congress Fails on Syringe Exchange Funding, Activism Fills the Gap

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: Congress once again failed to lift a ban on federal funding for syringe exchange programs, despite overwhelming evidence that exchanging used needles for new ones can saves lives and millions of dollars in health care costs. Fortunately, activists on the ground have never waited for lawmakers to act.

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Rory Fanning: “We Have to Make It Cool to Be a War Resister Again”

Joe Macarè, Truthout: Rory Fanning spoke to Truthout about his aims in writing Worth Fighting For: An Army Ranger’s Journey Out of the Military and Across America, the meaning of Pat Tillman and how to engage with war resisters in the military.

Read the Interview

Utah Land Defenders Stand Up to Dirty Politics

Anna Simonton, Oil Change International: The Uinta Basin region of Utah has transformed over the past decade to one in which drill rigs are more common than cattle herds, and methane emissions have degraded the air quality in this wilderness region to rival that of Los Angeles. Activists, however, are fighting back.

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Ferguson Reverberates Around the World

Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report: The Ferguson protests seized the attention of people all over the world and gave them a sense of the unvarnished truth of Black American life.

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Hollywood, the Police and the Poor

John Steppling, Truthout: Dan Gilroy’s new film Nightcrawleris garnering rave reviews and is indeed beautifully photographed, well-made and entertaining. But the reviews, like the movie itself, erase entire chunks of our society and its reality.

Read the Review

Truthout Interviews Michael Meurer on Torture Photos and Uruguay Thwarting Supply-Side Austerity Policies

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Truthout contributor Michael Meurer talks about the release of 2,000 photographs of the US torture of prisoners and the ways in which Uruguay has drawn neoliberal wrath for thwarting supply-side economics and corporate governance.

Watch the Video

Take the Chains Off: The Struggle for Racial Justice Continues

Nicholas Powers, The Indypendent: The state maintains law and order in an unequal society, so the contradictions roil it from inside. It must suppress the very people who are the source of its legitimacy, and it does this by shielding its own agents from public accountability while demonizing its victims.

Read the Article

The Unspeakable in Afghanistan

Pat Kennelly, World Beyond War: “I have heard ordinary Afghans whisper about Afghanistan as a failing state, even as the media has touted growth, development and democracy,” the author writes. If energies were focused on peacemaking, however, perhaps people could transform the Afghan state.

Read the Article

Why USAID Could Never Spark a Hip Hop Revolution in Cuba

Sujatha Fernandes, North American Congress on Latin America: “In a society shaped by successive generations of revolutionary projects, any attempt to engineer a US-affiliated movement from above is destined to be revealed for the farce that it is.”

Read the Article

Four Ways 2014 Was a Pivotal Year for the Internet

Timothy Karr, OtherWords: The internet’s fate feels distinctly uncertain as 2014 draws to a close. At stake is whether the internet remains a democratic, user-powered network – or falls under the control of a few powerful entities.

Read the Article

This week in Speakout:

Dr. James Zogby calls on Attorney General Eric Holder to stop racial profiling that results in deportations; the Military Religious Freedom Foundation demands Creech Air Force Base in Nevada remove the Bible from the POW table in its dining hall; Bruce Lesnick promotes a Bill of Rights for working people as the “top secret” solution to what ails the world; Halyna Mokrushyna reports back from a conference where Canadian academics discussed the origin of the Ukrainian crisis and the outlook for reconciliation; the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) in Berlin lodged criminal complaints against former CIA head George Tenet, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other members of the administration of former US President George W. Bush; S. M. (Mike) Millercalls on Democrats, liberals and progressives to unite in order to win the 2016 election; theBrennan Center for Justice supports an amicus brief filed by the New York University School of Law which states the Fourth Amendment should apply to digital documents;Matt Peppe reports that Puerto Ricans demand the release of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera; Emanuel Garcia offers a new definition of torture; Ben Norton criticizes CNN for hiring Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman’s defense attorney, who is now defending the actions of Darren Wilson; Sharon Adams points out that the CIA’s torture program resulted in unreliable information; Four Arrows discusses the American Psychological Association’s longstanding role in torture, eugenics and social control, and suggests a university boycott of the organization may be in order; Dr. Justin A. Frank notes the ugly underlying sadism in George W. Bush’s presidency; The BRussels Tribunal – led by two former UN Assistant Secretaries-General, UN Humanitarian Coordinators for Iraq, Hans von Sponeck and Denis Halliday – argues for accountability for torture; Roger Annis excoriates mainstream coverage of the crisis in Ukraine; and more.

Read the Articles


The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Conservatives’ Sick Reaction to NYPD Officer Killings: Blame Obama and de Blasio

Read the Article at Salon

Panel Advises Against Punishing CIA for Accessing Senate Intelligence Computers

Read the Article at Crooks and Liars

In Midst of Holiday Shopping, Protesters Disrupt Business-as-Usual to Declare “Black Lives Matter”

Read the Article at Common Dreams

Fears Build as CIA’s “Ghost Prisoners” Vanish Into Afghan Jails

Read the Article at The Guardian

Foes of Unions Try Their Luck in County Laws

Read the Article at The New York Times

At Least 100,000 Prisoners Are Locked Up for Low-Level Drug Offenses – Obama Just Gave Relief to Eight

Read the Article at The Washington Post

How ALEC Plans to Undo Minimum Wage Increases in 2015

Read the Article at RH Reality Check

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Storm Surge~

Thank you Cindy! So glad to read that A California is finally getting some much needed rain. All of nature seems to perk up and radiate joy after the rains return following the dry seasons.

Pacific storms are visiting.
Bringing prayed for rain,
and postcard waves.
Santa doesn’t need a sleigh in Caly.
He just surfs on in!
Cheers to you from Caly’s Surfing Santa~

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