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Never Stop Making the World a Better Place

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Thank you for writing this! It’s easy for women’s issues to be left out or forgotten in the discussion over human rights. We still have so far to go but I’m heartened by the many people who have never stopped making our world better. From the grandparents still active in creating positive change to the school children creating their own innovative projects-some as young as 5 or 6 years old!
I’m reminded daily that it very often is darkest before the dawn.


To have peace we also have to have equality for all peoples, nations, religions and cultures. We do need to address the racism which remains here in America and all over the world.  Women’s and girls’ rights are being denied many places across the world. They are an invisible minority. Women are being beaten, terrorized, even executed. Many females are treated with contempt and violence.

We find that the violence against women is perpetuated by fellow citizens. There are laws to protect women but they are not always enforced. Often authorities look the other way. It is a woman after all.

Women are often denied opportunities for education and work. Women wanting a better life can’t protect themselves from violence and harm. They also can’t protect their children.

Leadership, by definition, means being out in front of your people when it is called for. It means standing up for your dignity…

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