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22 reasons to be of good cheer

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Thank you Pam! I have noticed more and more people “paying it forward” every year. It’s easy to see the big problems and think we are just individuals-what difference can our actions make? But society is made of nothing but individuals-even when we gather into groups. A tsunami often looks like very little-a few inches high ripple crossing the vast surface of the sea. But when it reaches land it’s depth and power become much more noticeable. 🙂

Pam Grout

“What worn-out shticks are blinding you to the blessings that life is conspiring to give you?”–Rob Brezsny

Twice now, People magazine has sent me out to interview a Kansas City Secret Santa who passes out $100 bills. It was a hoot and a half to join him, to see the expression on people’s faces when he’d peal a couple hundys off his stack and hand them over.

So in the interest of continuing my long-standing journalism career, here are 21 additional reasons to be of good cheer this holiday season:

1. A mystery woman walked into a Toys R Us in Bellingham, Massachussetts and paid off the entire store’s layaway balance, allowing strapped parents to pick up Christmas gifts for their kids.

2. Gas prices have dropped below $2 just in time for holiday visits to family.

3. The gorgeous beaches of Cuba are about to reopen to vacationing Americans.

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