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Common Dreams Highlights December 23, 2014

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Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

News & Views | 12.23.14


Leave No Civilian Behind
by Alyssa Peterson
Members of the military and veterans shouldn’t experience poverty because no one should live in poverty.


In ‘Deadliest Time Ever’ For Journalists, Local Reporters Face Greatest Danger: Report
by Sarah Lazare
From Iraq to Syria to Gaza, domestic reporters, whose names may never be known to the world, face highest death rate, Committee to Protect Journalists report reveals.
With Parliament Vote, Ukraine Moves Towards NATO Alliance
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Russian Foreign Minister says vote “will only escalate the confrontation.”
Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Seven Elves Arrested Blocking Gas Storage Facility
by Deirdre Fulton
Over two-month civil disobedience campaign, 170 arrests have been made.
Citizenfour Producers Sued for ‘Aiding’ Edward Snowden
by Nadia Prupis
Suit charges Laura Poitras, Weinstein Company “on behalf of American public.”
Skirting ‘Halliburton Loophole,’ EPA Slams Exxon with Fracking Fine
by Lauren McCauley
Gas subsidiary hit with $2.3 million fine for construction-related damage to West Virginia waterways.
After Just 18 Months, Gitmo Envoy Resigns
by Deirdre Fulton
NY Times says Cliff Sloan’s departure is ‘another blow to President Obama’s efforts to close a facility that top administration officials say is a blight on the country’s international standing.’
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When ‘Civility’ Is Code for Suppression
by Radhika Sainath
The battle over the diminished value of Black and Brown lives is again being fought on college campuses, in relation to police brutality here at home and in relation to Palestinian lives abroad.
Everything’s Coming Together While Everything Falls Apart: The Climate for 2015
by Rebecca Solnit
If everyone who’s passionate about climate change, who gets that we’re living in a moment in which the fate of the Earth and of humanity is actually being decided, found their place in the movement, amazing things could happen.
Food Sovereignty: 5 Steps to Cool the Planet and Feed Its People
by La Via Campesina, GRAIN
We need a shift from a globalised, industrial food system governed by corporations to local food systems in the hands of small farmers.
Congress Goes Out With Net Neutrality Bang.
by Candace Clement
Capitol Hill may resemble a ghost-town this time of year, but things are far from quiet on the Net Neutrality front.
Conservative Media And Cop Killers Of A Different Color
by Terrance Heath
A majority of cop killers have been white, but conservatives blame police killings of, and violence against blacks, on black lawlessness run amok.
Ethics Training for Congress? Dream On
by Jim Hightower
In Washington, anyone can be blatantly unethical, as long as they don’t technically break laws.
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