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Truthout Daily Digest Saturday, 27 December 2014


Challenging Bedrock Law: “Dillon’s Rule” in Detroit and Beyond

Simon Davis-Cohen, Truthout: Detroit and other city governments have been effectively dissolved. In the Motor City, all governing power resides in one man – Kevyn Orr – the state-appointed “emergency manager.” He performs all functions of local government, unilaterally.

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The Disunited States: A French Writer Navigates 1930s United States

Patrick Glennon, Truthout: In his recently translated book, The Disunited States, Vladimir Pozner reveals the alienation, class antagonism, racism and sexism endemic to this country in the 1930s – and how little has changed.

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Jeopardy Has Not Attached: Killer Cops Can Still Be Indicted

James Marc Leas, Truthout: Protests should continue to demand justice for Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The officers who killed them can still be indicted and tried for murder under state law in Missouri and New York.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Radical Roots of Wonder Woman

Christopher Zumski Finke, YES! Magazine: The hero and her alter ego, Diana Prince, were the products of the tumultuous women’s rights movements of the early 20th century, and her enigmatic creator believed women were destined to rule the world.

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Looking Back, Moving Forward: 2014 Year in Review

Making Contact, National Radio Project: The year 2014 saw social movements ranging from pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong to the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. Making Contact brings an update on some of these movements that made major news this year.

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Unearthing the Truth: Mexican State Violence Beyond Ayotzinapa

Jesse Franzblau, NACLA: Declassified files on migrant massacres reveal impunity and Mexican state complicity in human rights atrocities that predate the recent Ayotzinapa disappearances.

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What the US Should Learn From Russia’s Collapse

Miriam Pemberton, OtherWords: It’s time for communities that are dependent on Pentagon contracts to work on strategies to reduce their economic vulnerability as defense spending dwindles. The time to start planning an economic transition is now.

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Why Obama Won’t Reach an Agreement With Iran

Gareth Porter, Middle East Eye: The Obama administration has no obvious incentives to reach an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program because the United States is getting most of what it wants already under the status quo.

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It’s Not Even 2015, but the 2016 Republican Presidential Race Rumors Have Begun

Robin Marty, Care2: It’s still 2014 for at least another few days, but that hasn’t stopped the 2016 presidential speculation from jumping to an accelerated start, with news that another Bush may be tossing his hat in the ring.

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The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

NSA Fesses Up to Improper Surveillance of US Citizens

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Evil Torturers Catch a Break: How Americans Got Distracted From a National Travesty

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US Prepares to Accelerate Detainee Transfers From Guantánamo Bay Prison

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After Scrutiny, CIA Mandate Is Untouched

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Doubts Persist on US Claims of North Korean Role in Sony Hack

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ACLU Accuses NSA of Using Holiday Lull to “Minimize Impact” of Documents

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On Racial Issues, Americans Are Divided Both Black and White and Red and Blue

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