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Everyday Beauty~

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Thank you Cindy! Sometimes slowing down and paying attention to the exquisite beauty all around us is more amazing than anything. I’ve never seen creatures like that blue anemone in Tampa Bay. I wonder what similar to it lives here? It must be awesome to see such magical creatures while wandering the shore!

Before I started taking photos a couple of years ago, I didn’t appreciate or understand the close up beauty of the common living plants and animals we see everyday. This little guy looks just like Beatrice Potter’s Squirrel Nutkin
Beatrice was clearly looking very closely at the garden and the animals around her since she was a very young girl. She was wise.
Nutkin is about as tame as a cat and likes to eat the wild bird seed.
The White Crowned Sparrows lined up to take rain water baths after the first Holler rain following prolonged drought. I keep the bird baths full year round with hose water but you should have seen the difference with the first rain. It was cold. The birds were waiting to take rainwater baths. They know what rain water is, water from heaven!
Shot this cutey through the window. He seems a tad…

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One thought on “Everyday Beauty~

  1. Such sweeties aren’t they! Just like you~

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