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Welcome to the January Gathering around the Pond, Sunday January 4

Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

Dear family of light! 2015 has begun, and this Sunday, January 4 at 21:00 Oslo time we have a new Gathering around the Pond coming up, the first opportunity we have to dive into this new year and these new energies as a collective. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“Once again you stand before an event that will help to secure not just your connection to these very new energies but that will also help to anchor these energies in such a way, your whole planet will benefit from them. You see, as you passed through that doorway that separated the past from the future and yesteryear from the new, it also served to catapult you all into this very new energetic moment of NOW. And through that, you also initiated a sequence of separation and realignment that will enable you as a collective to…

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The Promises Held

Thank you for sharing this. I hope everyone will reflect on how very precious our loved ones truly are. Each day is a blessing that deserves our continuous gratitude!

Heaven On Earth

My first post of 2015 I am dedicating to my Dad, who was hospitalized this past Sunday. Yesterday (1-1-15) was the first time in four days I was able to again breathe. You see, my Dad who is 90 years young, chose yesterday to stay in this realm a little while longer. Thanks, Dad, for giving me the Gift of a Father this year. My Cup is full. I am so relieved … more then you will know … knowing I can still call you to say, “Hi, Dad, I Love you.”, is still a valid option for me.
Happy New Year, Dad. I Love you. Your daughter, Amy



The Promises held
in this brand New Year
Glisten and Glow
as this Rose does know.

Photography/ “The Promises Held” 2015©AmyRose


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