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The Promises Held

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Thank you for sharing this. I hope everyone will reflect on how very precious our loved ones truly are. Each day is a blessing that deserves our continuous gratitude!

Heaven On Earth

My first post of 2015 I am dedicating to my Dad, who was hospitalized this past Sunday. Yesterday (1-1-15) was the first time in four days I was able to again breathe. You see, my Dad who is 90 years young, chose yesterday to stay in this realm a little while longer. Thanks, Dad, for giving me the Gift of a Father this year. My Cup is full. I am so relieved … more then you will know … knowing I can still call you to say, “Hi, Dad, I Love you.”, is still a valid option for me.
Happy New Year, Dad. I Love you. Your daughter, Amy



The Promises held
in this brand New Year
Glisten and Glow
as this Rose does know.

Photography/ “The Promises Held” 2015©AmyRose


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One thought on “The Promises Held

  1. Thank you and Bless you for this reblog. I am very touched and very honored. Love, Amy

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