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Truthout Daily Digest Saturday, 3 January 2015

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Flipping the Script: Pedagogy, Theater and Radical Organizing in Schools of Poverty

John Duda, Truthout: If change comes to US schools, it will come, as the end of slavery did, as the result of a thousand and one acts of resistance and rebellion, says Jay Gillen in his new book, Educating for Insurgency: The Roles of Young People in Schools of Poverty.

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High-Level Fed Committee Overruled Carmen Segarra’s Finding on Goldman

Jake Bernstein, ProPublica: The New York Fed president, Bill Dudley, says senior Fed officials did not accept a conclusion that had been endorsed by frontline Fed examiners stationed at some of the nation’s largest banks.

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Doubling Down on Dictatorship in the Middle East

Amanda Ufheil-Somers, OtherWords: Four years ago, it looked like the United States would have to make good on its declared support for democracy, as millions of Tunisians, Egyptians, Bahrainis, Yemenis and others rose up to reject their repressive leaders. Yet even the collapse of multiple governments failed to upend the decades-long US policy of backing friendly dictators.

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Terrorism “Insurance” Expires

Buddy Bell, Voices for Creative Nonviolence: Now that the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act has expired, the horrors inflicted by the United States on human beings abroad have more potential to cut into the bottom lines of insurance brokers and developers.

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Climate Change Threatens Quechua and Their Crops in Peru’s Andes

Fabiola Ortiz, Inter Press Service: Indigenous peoples living in a protected area in Peru are preserving the largest variety of potatoes in the world, along with their spiritual rites and traditional farming techniques. Still, alterations in rainfall patterns and temperatures have the Quechua Indians worried about the future of their potato crops.

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Comcast Wants Customers to Pay More for Using the Internet Too Much

Crystal Shepeard, Care2: The net neutrality debate has long centered on the ability of ISPs to limit content providers’ access to internet users. While the debate continues, ISPs are taking advantage of the delay to find alternative ways to control the gateway and make a profit.

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Behind New Jersey’s Tobacco Bond Bailout, a Hedge Fund’s $100 Million Payday

Cezary Podkul, ProPublica: When New Jersey decided to bail out some of its tobacco bonds, the state gave up $400 million in future revenues to pocket $92 million immediately, an arrangement that also helped one savvy investor cash in on a big bet.

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A Flat-Footed Backflip for Wall Street

Jim Hightower, OtherWords: Congress, which had been so tied up in a partisan knot by right-wing extremists that it became unable to move, suddenly sprang loose at the end of the year. It put on a phenomenal show of acrobatic lawmaking to give its bankster buddies an overly generous holiday gift.

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Carrots for Cuba, Sticks for North Korea

John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus: As one cold war thaws, another refreezes. Cuba just normalized its diplomatic relations with the United States after months of secret negotiations and a surprise announcement by the Obama administration. North Korea, on the other hand, remains very much at odds amid a conflict over a controversial film.

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The Torture Debate Is Missing This: The Fact That We Did This Before

Paul Kramer, History News Network: Past and present seem to come together in official declarations that US military actions are dictated by the mandates of an “exceptional” kind of war against a uniquely treacherous and broadly defined “enemy.”

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The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Search Teams Find “Large Objects” in Hunt for Missing AirAsia Jet

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NYPD Chief Asks Officers Not to Turn Funeral Into Protest Against de Blasio

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Fracking Industry Still “Failing” on Transparency

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As Refugee Tide Swells, Lebanon Plans a Visa Requirement for Syrians

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How Low-Income New Yorkers Are Benefiting From the NYPD’s Work Stoppage

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How Fox News Covered Pope Francis’ Action on Climate Change

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Republicans in State Governments Plan Juggernaut of Conservative Legislation

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