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E-Cubed Selfie Challenge launches today. Forget New Year’s resolutions! Make a New Year’s vision instead.

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This post exemplifies one of the things I love most about Pam Grout. The basic concepts explained on E Squared and E Cubed have been discussed in spiritual growth publications for decades. They aren’t “new”.

What Pam does with them is new. She brings an exciting “Everybody-all aboard!” energy to this field of awareness.
She makes understanding accessible and fun.
So if you’ve been working your butt off at personal/spiritual growth, political and social change or just plain trying to maje the world better but you’re feeling overwhelmed, worn out and not having much fun-you owe it to yourself to check out her blog/books.:-)

Pam Grout

“The rich substance of the universe is yours to do with as you wish.”—Catherine Ponder
E3 Bookie!!
Yep, sports fans, it’s time for the official launch of the E-Cubed Selfie Challenge.

Fans of E-Squared and E-Cubed know they draw into their lives whatever they focus upon. They know that by simply setting an intention and visualizing themselves doing, being or having something, that reality (one of many in the quantum playground) becomes animated in their life. That’s where the now-ubiquitous selfie comes in.

Simply snap a selfie of yourself (and a “bookie” of E-Cubed***) with whatever you want to manifest. Maybe it’s standing in front of your dream house or test driving a new Lamborghini. The bigger and more exciting your dream (Keep in mind Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t say “I have a goal.”), the better your chances of winning cool prizes.

Did someone say prizes? By tagging your E3 selfies…

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